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Gemstone Charm[Silver925]

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Gemstone Charm[Silver925]

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Gemstone charms each have a meaning.

・Charm with natural stones embedded in a 925 silver motif.
・The stone words of Turquoise are "success" and "prosperity." Birthstone for December.
・The stone words of Red Coral are "longevity" and "happiness". Birthstone for March.
・The stone words of Lapis Lazuli are "love" and "luck". Birthstone for December.
- Beautiful shine of 925 silver material.
-This is a charm that can be attached to a necklace sold separately. Please note that the necklace is not included.
・Cannot be attached to necklaces that are thicker than the diameter of the jump ring. If you would like to use it on a Novive necklace, please feel free to chat and ask if it can be installed.

Size <br>Charm: 1.5 x 1.05 x 0.4cm
Jump ring outer diameter: 0.55cm


Material : Natural stone, 925 silver

Product number: nvc-n-e0021-sv

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