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novice offers modern and basic accessories for adult women at reasonable prices.

The lineup includes items that allow you to express your cool, clean, and feminine femininity by wearing them.

The word "novice", which means beginner or new, embodies the will to always pursue the cutting edge of a new era.

I feel that there are few affordable accessories that can be used by adults or those who are sensitive to trends and have a high fashion sense.

We aim to allow such people to enjoy simple and stylish accessories with an elegant atmosphere at a reasonable price.

In addition, when it comes to novice accessories, people say things like, ``I lose accessories quickly,'' ``Even if I buy expensive accessories, I'm afraid that they might cause allergies or damage, so I want something that I can use without hesitation.'' ``I want to have a wide variety.'' We will respond to your concerns and requests.

We hope that you can use novice as an everyday accessory that you can use without hesitation, or as a small gift.