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How to care for accessories

Here are three ways to care for your accessories!

① Avoid situations where it comes into contact with water or sweat as much as possible, and remove it when doing housework.
Moisture and salt can cause accessories to deteriorate.
Avoid wearing accessories at the pool or the beach, and if you sweat a lot, it's better to take them off!
You should also remove it when using chemically sensitive substances such as detergent or vinegar.
Also, taking baths with sulfide springs or using bath additives may cause darkening or discoloration, so please try to remove them when taking a bath.

② Store separately.
Chains and parts may deteriorate or darken if they get tangled or come into contact with air, so
It is better to store accessories separately!
Store them neatly in an accessory box or store them one by one in a zippered bag.
It is even more effective if you protect it from air and moisture.

③ Get into the habit of wiping immediately.
Just wipe it gently with a soft cloth or tissue before you put it away when you get home and you'll be able to remove the dirt!
Be sure to use a fine-textured cloth, such as a special cloth, to avoid scratching your accessories.
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