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Where can I buy it? Learn about recommended men's accessory brands, how to choose them, and how to combine them.

As fashion becomes more and more diverse, accessories have become an important element of styling.

In this article, we will introduce basic knowledge about men's accessories and how to choose them, as well as points to keep in mind when choosing accessories and recommended combinations for coordination.

If you are looking for men's accessories or are considering a gift, please use this as a reference when choosing accessories.

table of contents

  1. Importance of men's accessories
  2. Types of men's accessories and how to choose them
  3. How to use casual everyday accessories
  4. Business formal accessories for formal occasions
  5. How to choose accessories that suit your budget
  6. Utilization and precautions for online shopping
  7. Accessory coordination and maintenance tips
  8. Trends and popular products in men's accessories
  9. summary

1. The importance of men's accessories

Accessories are not only an accent to your outfit, but also a way to express your personality.

In recent years, men's fashion has seen an increase in items with casual styles and genderless designs.

Accessories with simple designs are popular because they are easy to match with various styles and occasions.

In addition, more and more people, both men and women, are enjoying fashion by incorporating women's accessories.

It is recommended to incorporate trends, but rather than relying too much on trends, it is recommended to have fun incorporating your tastes while being conscious of balance and simplicity.

Also, choose accessories with a classic design that you will want to use for a long time.

So, let's take a closer look at the role of accessories and how to choose each item.

2. Types of classic men's accessories and how to choose them

Classic accessories are the type of accessories that are always stylish and will never go out of style.

These accessories are standard items that can be used in a wide range of situations due to their simple and sophisticated design, and because they are not influenced by trends, they can be used for a long time regardless of age or season.

Below, we'll explain in detail the main types of classic accessories and how to choose each one.

Necklace styles and how to choose

When choosing a necklace, keep the following points in mind:

chain length

Mantel Lariat Necklace[Silver925]

Mantel Lariat Necklace[Silver925]

The length of the necklace chain affects the accent around the neck.

We recommend choosing one that fits snugly around your neck, but when choosing one that suits your individual tastes and outfits, you may want to try it on or use a mirror to check the length that suits you. It is important.

Also, by choosing the length of the necklace to match your outfit and style, you can enjoy a well-balanced coordination.

The specific length will vary depending on the individual's physique and neck size, but the following ranges can be considered as a general guide.


A short necklace that fits very close to the neck.

Generally, the length is about 14 inches (about 35.5 cm) to 16 inches (about 40.6 cm).

princess length

The length is located along the neck and is easy to match with the top of the neckline or V-neck design.

Typical lengths are approximately 18 inches to 20 inches.

Princess length is considered to be a suitable length for many styles.

necklace design

Choose a necklace design that suits your personal taste and style.

rope chain necklace

A rope chain is a chain made of fine metal rings interlaced with each other to create a rope-like pattern.

It is popular as an accessory with a simple and elegant design, and can be used in a wide range of situations, from everyday use to special occasions.

A medium length will fit nicely around your neck and give you balance.

  • Rope Chain Long Choker[Stainless]01
  • Rope Chain Long Choker[Stainless]02

Rope Chain Long Choker[Stainless]

box chain necklace

The box chain has a design with connected square links, giving it a classic feel.

Box chains can be used in a wide range of styles, from casual to formal.

  • Box Chain Necklace01
  • Box Chain Necklace02

Box Chain Necklace

long chain necklace

A necklace that accents a simple top.

The Mix Long Chain Necklace is one of the popular items for men as it can be worn in two ways: by tightening it around the neck in a Y-shape, or by wearing it like a regular long necklace.

  • Mix Long Chain Necklace01
  • Mix Long Chain Necklace02

Mix Long Chain Necklace

venetian chain necklace

A Venetian chain is a design with a series of small box-shaped chains.

This design is very detailed and elaborate and often reflects light creating a beautiful glow.

  • Venetian Chain Necklace[Silver925]
  • Venetian Chain Necklace[Silver925]

Venetian Chain Necklace[Silver925]

figaro chain necklace

The Figaro chain is a design with alternating short and long segments .

A style of metal necklace chain that is strong, durable, and widely used as an accessory.

The simple design makes it easy to use in a wide range of situations, but the impression will change depending on the motif and length of the chain, so choose one that suits your personality.

However, it is important to try them on and use a mirror to check the length that suits you when choosing according to your individual tastes and clothing.

When purchasing from an online store, be sure to check the size and images of the item being worn.

Different designs and effects of bracelets and bangles

Next, let's take a look at the points to consider when choosing bracelets and bangles.

Metal Chain Bracelet

Material and design

Bracelets and bangles often have simple and elegant designs, and are often made of metal or leather.

For everyday use, it has a simple design, or when worn alone, it creates a casual and relaxed impression .

You can also create a unique style by layering bracelets and bangles while keeping an eye on the overall balance.

Be careful not to stack too many bracelets on top of each other as it can look overdone.

Points to consider when choosing ring types and sizes

Finally, let's take a look at how to choose a ring.

Rings are a popular men's accessory, but you need to be careful when choosing the size, especially when purchasing from an online store.

Oxidized Rope Ring 2 sets

Material and design

First of all, when it comes to materials and designs, simple and timeless designs, silver, gold, or a combination thereof are standard.

For men, we recommend ring designs that use stones as well as bare metal.

Stones such as natural stone, turquoise, and onyx are especially compatible with casual styles.

  • Hexagon Stone Motif Ring[Silver925]
  • Hexagon Stone Motif Ring[Silver925]

Hexagon Stone Motif Ring[Silver925]

Select size

To find out the exact size of your ring, have it measured at a jewelry store or use a ring gauge.

If you want to measure your ring size yourself, you can easily measure your ring size using paper or a pen.

For more details, please refer to the previous article if you would like to measure your ring size yourself.

[Reference article]

Does it have a different meaning depending on which finger you use it on? Check your ring size

When choosing men's accessories, keep the above points in mind and choose items that match your style and taste.

3. How to use casual everyday accessories

Now, let's take a look at how to use accessories for casual outfits and occasions, using actual coordination as a reference.

This coordination is unified with silver accessories, and the accessories are the focal point of the simple outfit.

Chain items are easy to match with casual styles, and if you have a simple style, you can add a focal point to your coordination by adding large items or layering them to create a sense of presence.

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[Items worn]

Metal Chain Bracelet

This coordination gives a relaxed impression by incorporating a women's bracelet with a delicate design.

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[Items worn]

Wave Oval Chain Bracelet

In addition to accessories, you can also try adding accents to your daily styling with sporty watches and accessories.

4. Business formal accessories suitable for formal occasions

In addition to everyday use, there are accessories that are suitable for formal occasions.

We recommend incorporating suit accessories such as tie clips and cuff links.

Suit accessories give a glamorous impression at weddings and other occasions, but at work, prioritize business manners over glamor.

tie clip

An item that secures your tie and shirt, making them difficult to move.

For office casual wear, we recommend something with a simple design as it looks neat and goes well with any coordination.

cuff links

An accessory that fastens the cuffs of a shirt.

It can be used as an accent for both business and formal occasions to create a casual and stylish look.

5. How to choose accessories that suit your budget

In how to choose accessories, we have explained the points to consider when choosing accessories based on the design and size of each item.

Now that you have an idea of ​​how to choose and coordinate, let's take a look at how to choose accessories according to your budget.

In recent years, there are many accessory shops both in physical stores and online shops, so it may be difficult for many people to get confused because there are so many choices.

Therefore, one way is to decide on a budget and narrow down the scope to some extent.

Be clear about how much you want to spend on accessories.

Material selection based on budget

When choosing accessories that fit your budget, it's important to think of them as long-term investments, rather than just temporary items.

For example, items such as stainless steel and leather may give the impression of higher quality than precious metals, but are relatively cost-effective.

High-quality accessories can be used for a long time, and some brands offer aftercare and maintenance services in the unlikely event that they break down or show signs of use.

It may be easier to decide on a budget by considering the points you want to prioritize.

How to take advantage of sales and discount information

We also recommend taking advantage of sales and discounts as a way to get accessories at a bargain price within your budget.

You can also get regular sales and coupon information in real time on the brand's Instagram, Twitter, email newsletter, LINE, etc.

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Membership registration & LINE cooperation

Additionally, some online stores offer dedicated shopping apps or special membership programs, and you may be able to receive app-only or special member-only sales and discount information.

When it comes to information about brands you like or frequently purchase, it is important to take advantage of the sales and discount information for each brand and act quickly when you receive the information.

In addition to sales, accessories sold as a set may be cheaper than purchasing them individually.

Check out our deals and find your favorite accessories within your budget.

6. Utilization and precautions for online shopping

We will explain the benefits and points to note when purchasing accessories online.

At a physical store, it may be easier to make a decision because you can try on the product and consult with the store staff, but you should be able to enjoy shopping at an online store as well if you check the precautions and use them wisely. is.

If you don't have a specific brand or product, you can easily compare prices, designs, materials, etc. by browsing multiple online stores, fashion sites, SNS, etc.

When shopping online, be sure to carefully check the visible information such as product images, sizes, and materials listed on the product page, and if you have any concerns, please contact the shop directly.

You can also get more specific information about a product's quality and design by referring to reviews and ratings from other buyers and learning the opinions of people who have actually purchased the product.

Before making a purchase, be sure to check the shipping costs, delivery times, and return and exchange policies in case the product is not what you expected or the size doesn't fit.

If you would like to see novice products in person, you can do so at a physical store or POP UP STORE.

novice Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Store

novice Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Store

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If you are using our online store and have any questions or concerns while shopping, please feel free to contact us via chat .

7. Accessory coordination and maintenance tips

We actually propose coordination combinations using novice accessories.

If you find a combination or product that interests you, you can purchase it from the novice online store.

[Recommended accessories for men] Coordinate01

If you don't usually wear accessories or want to wear them casually, we recommend starting with a single item, such as a bracelet or earrings, and then increasing the number of items as you get used to them.

Plate Chain Bracelet

【Product Details】

Plate Chain Bracelet

[Recommended accessories for men] Coordinate02

Layered ear cuffs are recommended as an item that you can easily enjoy even if you don't have piercings.

【Product Details】

Double Ear Cuff

Reverse Round Ear Cuff

[Recommended accessories for men] Coordinate03

If you want to express your individuality, how about layering design rings?

Rings can be added or subtracted depending on your mood and coordination, so you'll definitely enjoy styling them.

【Product Details】

From the left

Wave Ring

Chain Ring

Big Cross Ring

Big Cross Ring
【Product Details】
Chain Ring

[Recommended accessories for men] Coordinate04

【Product Details】

Metal Chain Bracelet

Volume Hug Ring

Hexagon Stone Motif Ring[Silver925]

[Recommended accessories for men] Coordinate05

【Product Details】

Mix Long Chain Necklace

Simple Hoop Earring

Mix Long Chain Necklace
【Product Details】
Mix Long Chain Necklace

When thinking about coordination for the upcoming fall and winter, the items you choose will likely change depending on your lifestyle, such as whether you need items that you can wear without hesitation, or whether you want to put more emphasis on accessories if you wear mostly simple clothes.

Please consider the design and size that suits you and use them as a reference.

This article explains in detail how to store and clean accessories.

[Reference article]

What is the care method for each type of accessory? Is it better to use cloth for plated accessories?

8. Trends and popular products in men's accessories

Nowadays, you can easily see real-life coordination on SNS, but I get the impression that many people are wearing simple coordination and accessories.

The simple design gives an elegant impression and is easy to match with various coordinations, so it has the advantage of being able to be used for a long time without getting tired of it.

Since there are many different brands, it may be helpful to take a look at the brand's popular products as a reference.

novice men's accessories ranking

Also, if the size is right, you can incorporate women's accessories so that it doesn't overlap with the surroundings and gives you a fresh feeling.

novice All Ranking

However, the best thing to do is not get too caught up in trends and wear designs that make you feel good.

We hope you choose something that makes you feel good when you wear it.


What did you think.

I hope this article gives you an opportunity to enjoy men's accessories.

You can view novice 's men's accessories here , so please choose the accessories that suit you and your purpose.

We also offer simple gift wrapping , so why not give your gift a special touch?

Master how to choose and use accessories to achieve attractive styling.

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