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Solve your gift worries! Recommended accessories for White Day

White day is almost here.

What should I give you? What can I give you that will make you happy? I think there are many people who are worried about this.
If you receive a gift, or a feeling of love and gratitude, from your lover or friend on Valentine's Day, you'll want to reciprocate your feelings properly.


This time, we will give you tips on how to choose accessories and information on recommended accessories in return for White Day.

Spring is a time when there are many opportunities to worry about choosing gifts, such as White Day and welcome and farewell parties.
Please use this as a reference if you are looking for a present or as a reward for yourself.

We will introduce fashionably designed accessories for every budget, from simple items that even adult women can easily wear every day to high-quality items.

Don't fail! How to choose return accessories


When it comes to accessories, one of the important criteria is not only the design, but also the selection of items.
To make them happy, first decide on the item.

If you want a surprise, we recommend necklaces, ear cuffs, and earrings.

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The size of the ring varies depending on the finger and the left and right hands, so it is difficult to choose a ring if you do not know the size.

Also, when choosing a bracelet, consider whether the earrings are open or not , and whether the size can be adjusted using the adjuster as the wrist is a part that moves frequently.

If you have decided on the above items as a return gift, it would be a good idea to research and understand the recipient's preferences and accessories they already have .

If it is difficult to check in advance, we recommend necklaces , ear cuffs , earrings , etc. that do not require you to worry about size.

Choose from materials

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Another thing to know is whether your partner has a metal allergy.

You want to avoid cases where you can't wear the item even though you've given it as a gift.

If you want to give a surprise gift but don't know, you can choose from nickel-free or stainless steel materials, which are less likely to cause metal allergies.

Click here for products that are compatible with metal allergies.

choose a design

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Have you started to get an idea of ​​the item you want to give as a gift?

Once you have decided on the item, it's time to choose the design.
However, many people may be concerned about design first.

You will gradually narrow down your choices by considering the preferences and fashion style of the person you want to gift it to, and also deciding whether it is for everyday use , something that can be worn at work, and what kind of occasion you want the person to use it for .

We recommend choosing a simple design that is easy to use on a daily basis, or if you want something special, choosing from a set with a design or a set that looks voluminous.

Recommended accessories by budget

We will introduce popular gifts for different budgets, from items that can be given without hesitation to gifts that are a little more exciting.

[ Budget ¥2,000 or less ] Necklace, ear cuff, earrings

Simple Narrow Necklace

Simple Narrow Necklace ¥1,870
A simple necklace with a delicate design that makes it look expensive.
It is easy to match with various coordinations and scenes, so it will appear many times.
You can use it regardless of the season, but it makes your décolletage look beautiful, making it the perfect item for spring and summer.
Comes with an adjuster so you can adjust the length.


Mini Pendulum Ear Cuff ¥1,870

An item with antique-like dull colors that tickles women's hearts from its appearance.
Easy to blend into the skin and goes well with brown and dull colored clothes◎
The silver color goes well with casual coordination and black coordination.

Click here for a great set with earrings. ¥3,700


Egg Studs Pierce ¥1,980

Lovely earrings with a plump and round shape.
It's nice to open the wrapping and see how cute it looks.
If you buy a design that even men can wear, you can also buy one for yourself and give it a matching surprise to deepen your love for it.

[Budget ¥2,001-5,000] Earrings, bracelets, necklaces


Pebble Pierce[Silver925] ¥3,960~

"Pebble" meaning pebble
The cute name and shape give it a sense of playfulness, while the simple design and small size make it perfect for adult women.


Narrow Chain Bracelet & Plain Bangle ¥4,200

Giving multiple items will add volume and make it feel more special.
We recommend purchasing the Narrow Chain Bracelet and Plain Bangle set as it is cheaper than purchasing each item individually.

Baroque Pearl Necklace

Baroque Pearl Necklace ¥4,950

Pearl items are popular among women and are recommended as gifts due to their luxurious appearance.
The irregular design of the pearls makes it not too feminine, and can be used in a wide range of situations, from casual attire such as T-shirts to party dresses.

[Budget ¥5,001 or more] Ring, necklace (Silver925)


Nuance Ring[Silver925] ¥5,170~

The plump form and wavy shape make it a focal point without being too simple.
A useful item that is easy to match with various outfits.
The recipient will be happy to know that the material is resistant to metal allergies.


Snake Chain Necklace[Silver925] ¥7,722~

A necklace with a standard design.
Items made with carefully selected materials shine beautifully and give a sense of commitment.
Why not talk about that particularity as the reason why you chose it as a gift?

Accessories that will please even the most fashionable people

If you're going to give a gift, you'll want to choose something that looks good.
Also, the real thrill of giving gifts is that you can discover items you wouldn't buy yourself or something new about yourself.
Try choosing something with an image of what the other person would wear.


Flat Wave Ring 3 set ¥2,860

A wavy ring whose expression changes depending on the angle you wear it.
Layering them together creates a sense of presence, so they look great even with simple clothes.
Fashionable people will be pleased with the simple and well-designed items.


Chain Cross Ear Cuff ¥1,980

Ear cuffs featuring long chains that sway with every movement.
It will decorate your face area elegantly and brightly even when coordinating with a mask.
We recommend wearing it with your hair down as it blends in naturally.

If you are really confused, start with popular items.

I have introduced a few things so far, but I want the other person to be happy! Some people may find it difficult to make a decision based on this feeling.

So, one way is to choose from popular products .

If you understand the other person's preferences and then explain why you chose them based on your everyday conversations or lifestyle, you will be able to impress them.

Make it special by wrapping it

Gift Wrapping Bag

Wrapping supplies will be delivered along with a shopping bag for delivery.

If you need it, you can purchase it from the Gift page .

Since you are packing it yourself, you can include a message card or wrap it with your thoughts.


The time you spend looking for a gift while thinking about the other person is an important time to think about the other person.
The gift you have carefully chosen will surely make them happy.

Accessories have a special feel and are perfect for White Day, as they are gifts you can give to your loved ones with your feelings.
We would be very happy if you could choose novice accessories as a gift for your special day.

I hope you have a wonderful White Day.

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