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How to choose the right accessories for a wedding?

I think there are many people who are worried about what they should look for, such as dresses and accessories, if they are invited to a wedding.

There are various etiquettes for weddings. Accessories are no exception.

Please be sure to follow proper etiquette so that you can congratulate the bride and groom who invited you from the bottom of your heart .

Also, if you wear the accessories of a professional person who respects etiquette at an auspicious place such as a wedding, you may be evaluated better by those around you.

This time, we will introduce how to choose the appropriate accessories and etiquette when attending a wedding.

table of contents

  1. Tips for choosing accessories for a wedding
    1. Rings can also be stacked
    2. Pearls are the standard necklace
    3. Small earrings and earrings are recommended.
    4. Choose a dainty bracelet
  2. This is no good! wedding accessory etiquette
    1. Watches are no good no matter how expensive they are.
    2. Something that stands out more than the bride
    3. Accessories that evoke the image of killing
    4. Not suitable for casual accessories
    5. Do not wear accessories when wearing a kimono.
  3. summary

Tips for choosing accessories for a wedding

bridal wedding

There are a variety of accessories such as earrings, ear cuffs, and necklaces, but among them, you need to choose the one that suits the occasion to wear to your wedding.

First, let's check out the tips and etiquette for choosing accessories for a wedding.

Rings can also be stacked

The ring is of course a great item to wear at a wedding.

Of course, it is OK as a wedding ring or engagement ring, as long as the design is not too casual .

A ring that brightly decorates your wrist is an accessory that matches the atmosphere of your wedding.

It may be a good idea to layer them while keeping in mind the balance with the overall coordination.

Pearls are the standard necklace

Baroque Pearl Necklace

Baroque Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace[Stainless]

Single Pearl Necklace[Stainless]

The safest and most prestigious necklace for a wedding is a pearl .
Pearl necklaces are a versatile accessory that can be worn not only for weddings, but also for ceremonial occasions.

Although pearls are white, it is not against etiquette to choose them for a wedding.

Of course, you can also use a single pendant instead of a necklace, and the color of the metal can be whatever you like.

As for the length of the necklace, a short one will look more elegant than a long one.

Small earrings are recommended.


Pearl Stud Pierce[Silver925] ¥2,420

When choosing earrings, choose something classy .

It is also important to think about balance by adding and subtracting accessories, such as adding flashy accessories to simple outfits and keeping them modest to slightly flashy outfits.

Since you will be attending the wedding as a guest, smaller earrings are better than large earrings.

Choose a dainty bracelet

Simple Narrow Bracelet

Simple Narrow Bracelet

Baroque Pearl Bracelet

Baroque Pearl Bracelet

Choosing a bracelet is basically the same as earrings or necklaces.

It is common to choose something elegant and delicate .

For daytime wear, a natural stone with a modest shine such as a pearl is suitable, and for night wear, one with small diamonds is also suitable.

We do not recommend wedding bracelets that give a casual impression, such as large bangles or leather.

Not only will the bracelet stand out, but it will also make your hands stand out when food is served at the reception.

Choose accessories that are appropriate for the occasion.

This is no good! wedding accessory etiquette

bridal wedding

There are some wedding accessories that are no good.

It doesn't hurt to keep this in mind, so check it out.

Watches are no good no matter how expensive they are.

Sometimes you can see people wearing watches at weddings.

Some watches are made with precious stones, some have luxurious designs, and some are as expensive as accessories.

I can understand the feeling of leaving it on, thinking, ``It's like a bracelet,'' but wearing a wristwatch is a no-no for a formal occasion like a wedding.

A watch is essentially a casual item and is not an accessory.

No matter how beautiful or expensive a watch is, it is not suitable for a wedding.

Something that stands out more than the bride


Of course, the stars of a wedding are the bride and groom.

So, don't make your accessories too gorgeous and make them stand out from the bride.

Particular attention should be paid to hair accessories.

It's best to avoid floral motifs, and since tiaras are the bride's hair accessory, guests shouldn't wear them.

Accessories that evoke the image of killing

bridal wedding

For a winter wedding, you may want to add accessories made of fur or leather. However, anything that imagines killing is not allowed .

Not suitable for casual accessories

Large silver accessories or accessories with hard-looking skull motifs are not suitable for weddings.

Choose accessories that are more formal than what you would normally wear and are appropriate for the festive atmosphere .

Do not wear accessories when wearing a kimono.

bridal wedding

When choosing kimono for a wedding, it is good etiquette not to add accessories. However, only wedding rings, engagement rings, hair ornaments, and obi clips are allowed .

Avoid wearing earrings or necklaces when wearing a kimono.

Since the hairpin will be in a prominent position, we recommend one with a subtle design.


We have summarized the points and etiquette for choosing wedding accessories. What do you think?

There is no clear etiquette when it comes to accessories, so it is important to choose accessories that are appropriate for your special occasion.

It may also be a good idea to choose the shape of your dress and accessories according to your skeletal diagnosis .

Enjoy fashion while conveying your feelings of celebration to your loved ones.

At novice , we have a wide variety of accessories that are reasonably priced and have elegant designs that are available for less than 2,000 yen .

If you are still not sure what color or design suits you, we recommend that you try out some reasonably priced Novice accessories first to get a clear idea of ​​the color and design that suits you before you suddenly buy expensive accessories.

Please use this as a reference when selecting accessories.

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