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[Valentine's Day] Why not give accessories in addition to the presents you give to your loved ones?

Valentine's Day is coming soon.
I'm sure there are many people who want to give something other than chocolate to their loved ones.
In this blog, we will introduce the origins of Valentine's Day, the circumstances surrounding Valentine's Day around the world, as well as recommended gifts for men and accessories that should be worn together.


February 14th is Valentine's Day .

When we hear Valentine's Day, we generally think of it as a day to give chocolates , but this is a uniquely Japanese idea, and other countries around the world seem to have slightly different customs than Japan.

February 14th is now well known as Valentine's Day, but why did it become the day when lovers exchange vows ?

First, let me introduce you to the origin and origin of Valentine's Day.

table of contents

1. Origin of Valentine's Day

2. Valentine's Day in Japan and the World

3. How to choose a Valentine's Day gift that men will like

4. I want to give it as a gift for Valentine's Day
5 recommended accessories for novice

Origin of Valentine's Day

The history of " St.Valemtine's Day" dates back to the time of the Roman Empire.

The word "Valentine" is said to be derived from the name of the saint Valentinus, who lived as a Christian priest during the Roman Empire.

The Roman Emperor at the time, Claudius II, forbade young soldiers from getting married, believing that the reason young people didn't want to go to war was because they were reluctant to leave their loved ones behind in their homeland. .

Thinking of these poor soldiers, Valentinus , a Christian priest, held a secret wedding ceremony.

Despite receiving several warnings from the emperor, Valentinus failed to heed them and was executed on February 14, the day before the Lucapperia festival.

Originally, February 14th, the feast day of the goddess Juno (the guardian deity of marriage) , was known as the day when men and women met.

The anecdote of Priest Valentino, who sacrificed himself for the love of his lovers, led to him being worshiped as Saint Valentine, the patron saint of love. It is said that Christians also came to recognize it as `` Lovers' Day, '' and it spread all over the world.

Valentine's Day in Japan and the World


Speaking of Valentine's Day, women are familiar with the event where men give chocolates, but did you know that this custom is actually unique to Japan?

Overseas, chocolate is sometimes given on Valentine's Day, but other gifts include bouquets, cards, special outings such as dinner, jewelry, and clothes.

Why not add chocolate to your Valentine's Day gift this year?

How to choose a Valentine's gift that men will love


When choosing a gift other than chocolates, it's a good idea to choose one that is appropriate for your relationship with the other person .

For example, we recommend daily necessities that men at work or friends can easily use, as well as consumable items such as highly practical stationery.

Also, if you are giving it to your lover or husband, we recommend a gift that has a special feel .

They will also be happy with the matching goods, such as items that can be used every day and accessories that can be used by couples.

Also, items from higher-grade brands that you wouldn't normally buy for yourself, or accessories with your name engraved on them, are also great gifts.

Choose a Valentine's Day gift that matches the age, occupation, and relationship of the person you are giving the gift to.

5 novice accessories to give as a gift on Valentine's Day

It would also be nice to gift matching accessories on Valentine's Day.

Here, we will introduce 5 recommended accessories that are easy for men to use as well as accessories that can be used as matching items.

We also recommend small accessories to give as gifts to your female friends.

We also introduce accessories that men can wear as well , so please refer to them when choosing accessories.



Nuance Ring

A great balance that goes with any style.

We have created a ring that can be used in a variety of situations, regardless of the clothes you match it with.
The reason for its ease of use is that the design has just the right amount of volume and a slight nuance to balance out your styling.


Triple Line Ring

A ring that makes your hand look luxurious.

A ring where triple lines intersect.
The voluminous hoops give a feminine impression and add presence to your styling.


Stack Ring 2set

A comfortable ring with overlapping curves.

This is a set of two rings with beautiful curves that overlap for those who want to enjoy layering rings.

ear cuff


Chunky Hoop Ear Cuff
Chunky hoop ear cuffs with an adorable round shape.

Pairing it with accessories that also have a plump shape creates a sense of unity and creates a more sophisticated image.


Oval Ear Cuff

Ear cuffs with a vertically long form and an unusual clean silhouette design.
By layering them, you can create long and short movements in your coordination and create a stylish impression.

In addition, novice offers a gift wrapping set for those who purchase it as a present .

Please use it as a gift for your loved ones and friends.

Gift Wrapping Set

Give a gift to your loved one on Valentine's Day


This year, why not give a special gift such as accessories in addition to chocolates?

Wearing matching accessories is sure to deepen your love even more!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved ones.

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