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Ranking of 925 silver accessories recommended for small gifts

As Christmas approaches, many people may be saying, ``I don't know what to choose as a present,'' or ``I'm looking for a gift that's not too expensive or too cheap, just the right price.''

Even if it's just a small gift, you want to give it an item that looks expensive and doesn't look cheap.

The novice 925 silver items that I will be introducing now have a luxurious and beautiful shine, but are also reasonably priced, making them perfect for small gifts.

This time,

  • First of all, what is 925 silver?
  • Why is it more expensive than ordinary silver color plated accessories?

While explaining the charms and questions of 925 silver, we will introduce 925 silver accessories that are perfect for small gifts!

table of contents

  1. Characteristics of silver 925
    1. What is 925 silver? The difference between 925 silver and silver color products
    2. Presence of allergic reaction to 925 silver
    3. Will 925 silver rust?
    4. Summary about silver 925
  2. Ranking of 925 silver accessories recommended as gifts
    1. Drop Pearl Pierce[Silver925]
    2. Pearl Stud Pierce[Silver925]
    3. Thin Snake Chain Necklace[Silver925]
    4. Tiny Drop Studs Pierce[Silver925]
    5. Narrow Ring[Silver925]
      Thin Multi Sided Ring[Silver925]
  3. Wrapping gives you a higher-grade finish
    1. Gift Wrapping Set (pack by yourself)
    2. Gift Box (packed by customer)
    3. Gift Wrapping Bag (packed by customer)
  4. Summary of novice product introduction

Characteristics of silver 925

1. What is 925 silver? The difference between 925 silver and silver color products

Generally, silver accessories are often made of a material called silver 925, and are sometimes also written as [SV925].

"925" refers to the percentage of silver contained (purity), which means that 92.5% of the material is silver. The remaining 8.5% is mainly mixed with copper and other materials such as aluminum.

Silver is a very soft metal, so if it is made of 100% silver, it is not suitable for actual use such as accessories. Therefore, by mixing copper, which is a hard metal, it becomes hard and easy to handle.

925 silver is called sterling silver.

"STERLING" is a word that means "genuine, fine, pure" in English. In the UK, 925 silver is defined as "pure silver", so even if the content is 92.5%, the name "STERLING" is still used. It's on.

<Silver 925>

925 silver is made by carefully polishing the material itself to give it a silver shine.

The biggest advantage is that it is easy to care for and maintain, and by repolishing it, you can keep it looking as good as new forever.

Silver 925 products are made of silver, so the material itself has high strength.

Products that are further hammered have even stronger hardness and shine.

<Silver color products>

Most silver-colored products reproduce the silver color by plating the alloy.
Discoloration occurs when the plating peels off.

In such cases, it may not be possible to restore the condition with care alone, and as a result, it will be necessary to incur high repair costs and have it plated.

Most of the metal materials used in these products melt at low temperatures and are not very strong. I don't think there are many things that you can buy once and use forever. When you want to casually enjoy trends, the biggest advantage is that you can incorporate fashionable accessories at a low price.

2. Presence of allergic reaction to 925 silver

In conclusion, even 925 silver can cause an allergic reaction.
However, silver itself is a metal that does not easily cause allergies.
In the first place, metal allergy refers to a reaction in which a small amount of metal dissolved in sweat or the like enters the body and the body tries to expel the foreign substance.

So, what are the substances that tend to cause allergic reactions?

It is an alloy of copper, zinc, etc. that is included in 7.5% of silver 925.
If these substances dissolve in small amounts, they may cause an allergic reaction.

However, since silver 925 is coated on silver-colored products to prevent silver ions that cause metal allergies from leaching out, it is not completely free from allergic reactions, but compared to ordinary silver-colored products, I can say that there are no significant allergic reactions.

3. Will 925 silver rust?

925 silver basically does not rust.

Generally speaking, "rust" is a phenomenon in which oxygen and moisture cause reactions such as oxidation on the surface of metal, resulting in corrosion.

It occurs in a variety of metals, including iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and brass, excluding gold and platinum.

Oxidation = rust.

This does not mean that it will not rust at all, but it will oxidize and rust only under very specific conditions. It will not rust in daily life. Please rest assured.

Most of the silver used for accessories is 925. It is 92.5% silver and the other 7.5% contains other metals such as copper.

Silver is a very soft material.
To make it strong enough to use as an accessory, it is mixed with other metals such as copper to form an alloy. The other metal may oxidize and become dull, but if you wear it regularly, there is no need to worry about it rusting.

Sulfurization causes silver to appear dark. Silver and blackheads are inseparable.

If you love 925 silver accessories, have you ever heard or experienced it?

The silver turning black is not rust.

Sulfidation occurs when hydrogen sulfide in the air, sulfur from human sebum and hot springs, etc. adheres to the surface, producing silver sulfide on the surface.

Silver turns black due to sulfurization, not oxidation.

If the blackhead is mild, you can remove it by wiping it with a soft cloth.

Furthermore, if you maintain it regularly, it will be less likely to cause dark spots.

Therefore, there is a difference between sulfurization and oxidation between 925 silver and silver color products, and 925 silver will sulfurize and darken, but it will not rust and can be used for a long time.

Darkness and discoloration are formed on the surface, so if you maintain it regularly and wipe it off without leaving it on if it gets wet, the darkening or discoloration will return to its original state.

On the other hand, when silver-colored products are exposed to water, they oxidize, causing rust and discoloration.

4.Summary about silver 925

From the above points, silver 925 is

  • There is a shine
  • Does not rust
  • Even if the color changes, it will return to its original state with maintenance (gold will not return)
  • Less likely to cause allergic reactions

*Gold-colored 925 silver products are coated with a thin layer of gold over the silver, so even if you take care of it, it seems difficult to return to the same color once it changes color.

Due to these characteristics, it can be used for a longer time than silver colored products.

If it inevitably gets rusty, it will look bad, smell bad, and you won't be able to use it for a long time.

If you're going to give a gift, you'll want to give something that can be used for a long time. Also, since you want to give something that is safe to give to anyone, you should choose 925 silver, which has fewer allergic reactions.

We hope you understand the quality of 925 silver. Next, we will introduce some recommended accessories for 925 silver products in order of popularity and recommendation!

Ranking of 925 silver accessories recommended as gifts

1st place. Drop Pearl Pierce[Silver925] ¥3,630 silver / gold

2nd place. Pearl Stud Pierce [Silver925] ¥2,200~ silver

Recommended for everyday use as well as formal occasions such as weddings and parties!

Among the many accessories, pearl accessories are especially recommended and popular this season!

Pearl accessories are currently attracting a lot of attention as they have a sense of luxury and cuteness. Novice also sells some pearl accessories. Among them, we recommend this silver925 pearl accessory.

Pearl accessories are perfect for the upcoming Christmas season.

I think this is a must-have item.

Since it is silver925, the price is a little high, but as a silver925 accessory, you can purchase it at a fairly low price.

They range from small pearls to large ones, so they can be used by people of all ages and for a wide range of occasions. In addition, since it is made of 925 silver, it will not rust and can be used for a long time, making it the perfect item to give as a gift.

We also have pearl accessories such as bracelets and necklaces, so be sure to check them out!

3rd place. Thin Snake Chain Necklace [Silver925] ¥3,520~ silver / gold

Perfect for daily use! Delicate design that can be worn every day

Necklaces are easy to wear on a daily basis, and many people wear them all the time. However, if you sweat around your neck, your necklace will tend to deteriorate easily and you will start to notice the smell.

This necklace is made of silver 925 material, so it is resistant to sweat and water, and its simple design goes well with any coordination.It has a delicate design that can be worn at work, but it also makes your neck look gorgeous, so you can wear it every day. It's an item you'll want to wear.

It's a modest size, so it can be used by both men and women.

4th place. Tiny Drop Studs Pierce [Silver925] ¥2,750~ silver / gold

The small design is also recommended for men!

Many men also wear earrings because they are easy to wear.

As a man, don't you find it difficult to go to the accessory section, or do you find that there are too many designs for women and there aren't many things you can wear?

Recently, Novice has a wide range of accessories that can be worn by men as well, and many men are looking for them.

We also have photos of male models wearing the items, so you can easily get an idea of ​​what they are wearing.

Although it has a cute drop shape, it also has a beautiful and luxurious design made of 925 silver material.

In addition, it has a modest yet sophisticated design, so it can be worn by both men and women regardless of their outfit.

5th place. Narrow Ring[Silver925] ¥1,650~ silver / gold

Thin Multi Sided Ring[Silver925]¥2,090~silver/gold

Recommended for pairing with simple design!

This ring has a simple design and can be used by both men and women.

Also, because of its simple design, it can be used regardless of the occasion or outfit, and it is easy for anyone to wear it.

I think it would be an easy choice as a gift.

It has a design that can be used by both men and women, so it is a perfect item for couples. This is also 925 silver, but the price is reasonable and perfect for a small gift.

How about giving it as a gift for Christmas or anniversaries?

Wrapping gives you a higher-grade finish

Novice's wrapping is also very stylish and has a luxurious feel.

The monochrome colored wrapping gives it a simple yet luxurious feel, making it a design that will please both men and women.

For wrapping, we provide boxes and wrapping bags.

You can purchase the box only, the wrapping bag only, and the box and wrapping bag set.

There is no doubt that the result will be more than the price.

Why not give it as a gift along with some accessories?

Gift Wrapping Set (pack it yourself) ¥1,100

Gift Box (packed by customer) ¥880

Gift Wrapping Bag (packed by customer) ¥880

↓In the photo below, I actually put the accessories in the gift box!

It's nice to put the accessories in the box while they're in the bag, but it's also cute if you take the accessories out of the bag and put them in the box like this.

Wouldn't it look more luxurious by putting it directly in it?

Please try by all means try!

Products used in the gift box

Top Tiny Drop Studs Pierce[Silver925]

Right Thin Snake Chain Necklace[Silver925]

Left Narrow Ring[Silver925] Thin Multi Sided Ring[Silver925]

Summary of novice product introduction

Again, the biggest appeal of 925 silver is that it can be used for a long time.

With repeated care, it can be used for almost a lifetime.

The fact that it is unlikely to cause allergic reactions and can be used by many people is a good reason to choose it as a gift.
Scratches and dark spots called sulfurization are also perceived as taste, and they are connected to originality and create a sense of attachment.
Of course, please be aware that damage may occur depending on how you use and care for it.

Also, the biggest appeal of choosing 925 silver at Novice is that even though the price can be kept low, 925 silver looks expensive.

Many people may want to give good accessories as presents, but they are expensive.
Novice not only has 925 silver products, but also other products that are inexpensive and have a lot of affordable accessories, but all of them are accessories that look more expensive than they cost.

I would be happy if you could use this as a reference for items that would make good gifts.

We also have many other items.

Please take a look at the Novice official website .

Also, please check out our Instagram .

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