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Does it have a different meaning depending on which finger you use it on? Check your ring size

How do you choose which finger to wear your ring on?

Recently, more and more people are wearing rings not only for special occasions such as weddings, but also as fashion items.

It is also adopted by men as a form of fashion.

The ring finger of the left hand is the typical place to wear an engagement ring or wedding ring, but you may be wondering which finger to wear other rings on.

In fact, each of the 10 fingers on the left and right has meaning and power.

This time, we will introduce the meanings of each finger separately for the right and left hands.

By learning about the power contained in it that you didn't know about until now, the rings you normally wear will start to shine even more!

Also, for those of you who know the meaning behind each finger and want to wear a ring on a finger you've never worn before, we'll also introduce an easy way to measure your ring size. To go.

table of contents
  1. Differences in meaning between right and left hands
  2. The meaning behind each finger
  3. How to measure ring size
  4. Introduction of recommended rings
  5. summary

1. Differences in the meanings contained in the right and left hands

First, I will introduce the original meanings of the left and right hands.

Right hand Improves concentration Mental meaning

Left hand: seize opportunities, have practical meaning

The right hand is mainly related to the power of action, and is said to bring out the unknown power hidden within.

The left hand is associated with mental strength and is said to bring out creativity and inspiration.

2.The meaning behind each finger


Here we will introduce the important meanings contained in each finger of the right and left hands.

If you haven't heard of it before, it might be a good idea to read the thoughts that are contained in each finger and start living a wonderful life with a ring.

① Thumb (thumb ring)

A ring worn on the thumb is called a "thumb ring."

"Thumb" means thumb in English.

It is said that wearing a thumb ring will improve your luck at work.

【right hand】

・Exercise leadership as an instructor

・Brings courage

【left hand】

・Achieves goals and dreams

・I want to push forward against a big wall

②Forefinger (index ring)

A ring worn on the index finger is called an "index ring."

"Index" in English includes the meaning of index or indicator.

For this reason, it is known as a finger that points at something, and is said to increase your ability to take action and be proactive.

【right hand】

・Improve concentration and stand above others as a leader and give instructions
    【left hand】

      - Increased positivity and positive thinking

      - Increases mental strength and attracts opportunities

      ③Middle finger (middle finger ring)

        A ring worn on the middle finger is called a "middle ring."

        The middle finger, located in the middle of the five fingers, is said to symbolize inspiration and inspiration.

          【right hand】

          ・Improve your intuition and demonstrate your ability to take action

          ・Protect yourself from bad things (evil)

            【left hand】

              ・Improve cooperation and improve human relations

              ・Good communication

              ④Ring finger (anniversary ring)

              A ring worn on the ring finger is called an "anniversary ring."

              It is also called a "marriage ring" or "engagement ring".

              It is believed that the ring finger of the left hand is connected to a single thick blood vessel from the heart, and is said to have become a special finger for wearing bridal rings.

                【right hand】

                - Calms the mind and stimulates inspiration

                  【left hand】

                    - Deepen love and bonds

                    ・Make your wishes come true

                    ⑤Pinky finger (pinky ring)

                    A ring worn on the little finger is called a "pinky ring."

                    It is said to be the finger that brings in opportunities, and is the perfect location for those who are looking for a change or a new love.

                    Rings worn on the little finger are also recommended for first-timers who don't usually wear rings.

                      【right hand】

                      ・Contains the meaning of a talisman

                      - Enrich your self-expression and increase your charm

                        【left hand】

                        ・Symbol of change and opportunity

                        ・Attracts love and leads to wonderful encounters

                        ・Seize the opportunity

                        How to measure ring size

                        You'll be able to learn the meaning behind each ring on each finger, and you'll want to wear a ring on a finger you've never worn before.

                        Even if you find a ring you like online, it will be difficult to purchase it if you don't know your ring size.

                        Here we will show you how to easily measure your ring size at home.

                        [Things to prepare to measure ring size]

                        ・Thick paper cut into 1cm pieces


                        ・Ballpoint pen that does not smudge easily

                        ·scotch tape

                        As shown in the video above, you can measure it using things you have at home, so if you are interested, you can try it.

                        By measuring your ring size, you will have a guideline when shopping in the future and will have fun choosing a ring.

                        Recommended ring introduction

                        Novice carries rings of various sizes.

                        This time we will introduce 5-piece and 3-piece rings that can be used in a variety of ways.

                        • Thin-Wave-Ring-5-set
                        • Thin Wave Ring 5 set02

                        Thin Wave Ring 5 set ¥2,310

                        It is recommended because it comes in a combination of rings of various sizes and designs, so you can change it depending on your mood.

                            • Deformed Narrow Rings 5 ​​sets
                            • Deformed Narrow Rings 5 ​​set_

                        Deformed Narrow Rings 5 ​​set ¥2,530

                        This item can be worn as a set of 4 delicate rings and can also be used as a thicker ring.

                        Nuance Ring 3 set ¥2,640

                        This ring has a matte finish and is an item that will elegantly decorate your hand.


                        We usually wear rings casually, but when we learn that there is a meaning attached to them depending on where they are worn, we are sure to feel a special power that only we can feel.

                        Why not incorporate the ring as a fashion item and change the finger you wear it on depending on your current situation?

                        It may be a good idea to measure your ring size carefully and find the perfect ring that fits you.

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