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What are the gauges and types of piercings? Which is the best first piercing?

Earrings have become a fashion essential and are now a standard item.

They also make your ears look great, and it's fun to choose them for various occasions such as occasions and parties.

Earrings come in a variety of shapes and types, and can be enjoyed to match your fashion.

There is a meaning behind earrings, and it is important to choose earrings that match the size of your piercing hole.

It is important to pay attention to the design, but it is also important to find earrings that suit you.

table of contents

  1. About piercing gauge
  2. What is first piercing?
  3. What are the types of piercings?
    1. stud earrings
    2. hoop earrings
    3. dangling earrings
    4. clip-on earrings
    5. cuff piercing
    6. ear cuff
  4. Where should the cute and stylish earrings be placed?
  5. What is the meaning of the position where the earrings are pierced?
  6. What are the types and names of earring holes?
  7. summary

About piercing gauge


The gauge of a piercing is a unit that expresses the thickness or thickness of the piercing.

The gauge of an earring is usually expressed as a number, with lower numbers being thicker and higher numbers being thinner.

Below is a range of common piercing gauges, but the notation may vary depending on region or country.

Here we will introduce the size of each gauge.

20 gauge (0.8mm) : This is the gauge for general earlobe piercings.

These are relatively thin earrings, and are suitable if you prefer smaller piercing holes.

18 gauge (1.0mm) : It is a little thicker than 20 gauge, but it can be used for many different types of earrings.

16 gauge (1.2mm) : Gauge used for areas other than the earlobe, such as the helix (outside the auricle) and tragus (between the earlobe and jaw).

It is also the gauge for common ear cartridge piercings.

14 gauge (1.6mm) : This gauge is often used for body piercings other than ears, such as tongue sticks (tongue piercings) and ends (body jewelry).

It is also used in some ear cartridge piercings and industrial piercings.

12 gauge (2.0mm) or higher : This gauge is used for thicker piercings such as body piercings and stretching (earlobe expansion).

Beyond this gauge, the thickness of the earrings will increase.

The choice of gauge is based on personal preference and the size of the piercing hole.

20 gauge is generally chosen for first-time piercings or for earlobes that have just been pierced.

The gauge of the piercing can be sized down, but if you go up in size, you will need to enlarge the hole.

Therefore, when changing the gauge of your piercing, it is important to consult a professional practitioner to ensure proper procedure and care.

Please note that there may be different information and terminology regarding piercing gauges depending on region and culture, so it is important to follow local customs and professional advice in the area where you are getting your piercing.

The gauge of a piercing may vary depending on the type and purpose of the piercing.

Generally, relatively thin gauges are used for earlobe piercings, and thicker gauges are often used for body piercings (piercings inserted in other parts of the body).

When purchasing earrings, it is important to check the gauge size and choose the appropriate size.

What is first piercing?

First Piercing refers to the earrings that are worn when getting pierced for the first time.

Generally, it often refers to earrings used when piercing the earlobe.

First piercings usually come in different shapes and materials depending on how they are pierced.

Piercing equipment is available at medical facilities and specialty piercing shops.

It is common for the skin to be disinfected and other appropriate hygiene measures taken before the piercing is fitted.

First piercings are usually relatively small stud earrings or ring-shaped earrings.

First piercings are typically made from metals such as stainless steel, titanium, or 18K gold .

These materials have a relatively low risk of allergic reactions and are often used for first piercings that need to be worn for a certain amount of time.

After proper care and healing period, you can also change to other types and designs of piercings.

Here we will introduce some recommended points when choosing your first piercing.


For your first piercing, it is important to choose a material that is gentle on your ears.

Especially if you have a metal allergy, choose a material that does not cause allergies.

Generally, materials such as stainless steel and titanium are recommended as they are less likely to cause allergic reactions.


Popular first earrings include simple stud earrings and designs such as small hearts and stars.

Especially when opening on the earlobe, we recommend a simple design that is easy to use on a daily basis.


Size also matters.

Since this is your first piercing, if it's too big it will put a strain on your ears.

Choosing smaller, lighter earrings will put less strain on your ears and will be more comfortable to wear.

4. Consult an expert:

When choosing your first piercing, it is best to consult a piercing shop or a beauty expert.

A professional can not only advise you on the appropriate size and material, but also allow you to get your piercing done in a hygienic environment.

5.Ear care

It is important to take care of your ears after getting your ears pierced.

Prevent infection with proper cleaning and care.

Your first piercing is your entrance to the world of piercing, and it is important to enjoy it as your first experience.

Choose a design that suits your taste and style and make your first piercing a memorable one!

About types of earrings

There are various types of earrings.

There are so many designs to choose from, such as hook-type earrings, rod-type earrings, and ones with designs on the catches.

We will introduce some typical types of earrings, so please refer to them.

1.Stud earrings


The most common type of piercing, a small-diameter ornament is attached to the earlobe or ear cartilage.

Stud earrings have simple yet elegant designs and are often used on a daily basis.

2. Hoop earrings


These earrings are circular or semicircular metal rings that are worn around the ear.

They come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, and larger hoop earrings can look particularly flashy.

3.Dangling earrings


These earrings have ornaments hanging below them.

Charms, beads, gemstones, etc. are used, and there is movement and swaying.

It gives a unique and gorgeous impression.

4. Clip-on earrings (earrings)


These earrings come with fasteners such as clips and springs so that they can be worn on ears that do not have piercing holes.

You can enjoy temporary piercings without having to pierce them.

5. Cuff piercing

Cuff piercings are special piercings that are worn around the ear cartilage.

It is characterized by a design in which the ornaments not only decorate the ears, but also extend along the cartilage.

6.Ear cuff

Uneven Long Ear Cuff

Ear cuffs are accessories that are attached to the cartilage of the ear without piercing.

They are worn to wrap around the ear and come in a wider variety of designs than earrings.

These are some types of piercings, but many other variations and designs exist.

Depending on your individual taste and style, you can choose the earrings that suit you.

Where should the cute and stylish earrings be placed?

The recommended location for cute and stylish earrings is generally to pierce them on the earlobe or the top of the ear.

Below are some recommended locations.

1. Center of earlobe

Wearing earrings in the center of your earlobe creates a simple and cute look.

Designs such as small flowers and hearts look great.

2. Above the earlobe

A hole in the top of the earlobe can give it a slightly unique look.

Stud earrings and charms look great.

3. Ear cartilage part

Having your ear cartilage pierced gives you a trendy and edgy look.

Small star and moon designs are popular.

4. Layer multiple piercings


The style of layering earrings in multiple positions on the earlobe is also fashionable and cute.

Enjoy your own style by combining multiple earrings.

5. Cuff piercing

Cuff earrings are worn on the cartilage part of the ear, and some can be worn without piercing.

Gives a stylish and fashionable impression.

However, it is important to consider the shape of your ear and the size of your earlobe when choosing the location of your piercing.

Also, be careful when getting your earrings pierced and when putting them on and taking them off so as not to put any strain on your ears.

Find the stylish earrings style that suits you and have fun while receiving advice from experts!

Is there any significance to where you get your earrings pierced? ! Let's find out why

There is a culture and belief that the position of a piercing has a meaning.

Below are some common meanings and cultural backgrounds, but please understand this as general information as interpretations may vary depending on region and culture.

left ear and right ear

Generally, there is a difference in the location of piercings in the left and right ears.

For example, in some cultures it is considered masculine to have a piercing in the left ear, and feminine to have a piercing in the right ear.

However, this is a generalized view and in modern times may vary depending on personal preference.

culture and religion

The position of a piercing may have special meaning in certain cultures and religions.

For example, in some parts of India, certain piercing arrangements may be used as symbols of marriage.

Additionally, in some African tribes, the shape and placement of earrings can indicate the status and status of the tribe.

Personal taste and fashion :

In today's society, the location of piercings is often chosen based on personal preference and fashion.

Earrings may be pierced in both the left and right ears, and it is also common to have multiple pierced ears.

As mentioned above, the position of the piercing may have meanings based on culture and beliefs, or it may be due to personal preference or fashion.

The important thing is to understand your intentions and reasons when choosing the style and location of your piercing, and to enjoy your own style.

Does the meaning differ depending on the opening position? ! What are the types and names of earring holes?

robe earrings

This is a hole made in the earlobe and is the most common piercing location.

helix earrings

This is a hole made in the cartilage on the outside of the ear, above the top of the earlobe.

forward helix earrings

This is a hole made in the cartilage at the front of the ear, which is located further inside than a helix piercing.

Daital Helix Earrings

Helix piercings are located in the center of the ear, in an area called the diatal.

industrial piercing

This is a style of earring that has multiple holes cut across the top of the ear.

tragus piercing

This is a hole made in the tragus, which is a small protrusion between the earlobe and cheek on the outside of the ear.

antitragus earrings

This is a hole made in the antitragus, which is the projection on the opposite side of the tragus.

snake bite piercing

These earrings are placed on both sides of the lower lip and are arranged to look like a snake's venomous fangs.

monroe earrings

A hole made on the left side of the upper lip, also called a Monroe piercing.

putam earrings

This is a hole made in the nasal septum in the center of the nose.

These are some common earring hole names, but they actually come in a variety of styles and arrangements.

When considering piercings, it's important to take into account your personal preferences and body characteristics to choose the appropriate location and style.

It is also important to have your piercing done by a professional piercer or medical professional.


Did you learn a lot about earrings?

Earrings have become a versatile item that can be enjoyed fashionably.

There are various positions to wear earrings, and you may be worried about what design to wear them.

Please learn the precautions when handling piercings and enjoy your life with piercings safely.

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