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Which accessory from Iebe Brevet suits you best is gold? Silver?

When choosing accessories, have you ever felt that ``I want to wear gold color, but for some reason it doesn't look good on me, or maybe silver color suits me better''? The color that suits you differs depending on the person's skin color (personal color).

This time, we will show you how to tell which one suits you best, gold or silver, and recommend accessories for each personal color.

table of contents

    1. What is yellow base?
    2. What is Blue Base?
    3. How to tell the difference between domestic and brevet
      1. yellow base
      2. blue base
    4. 4 recommended accessories for Eve
      1. spring
      2. autumn
    5. 4 recommended accessories for brevet
      1. summer
      2. winter
    6. summary

Gold accessories look great on people with yellow-based skin.

If you have healthy skin with a yellowish tinge, and your hair and eyes are often brown, you'll look good with a yellow base, and gold accessories will look great on you.

There are two types of yellow base: ``spring type'' and ``autumn type.''

Spring type people have a bright, energetic and cute impression, and look good in bright, soft colors and vitamin colors. Words like "refreshing," "lively," and "friendly" apply.

Autumn type people have a calm and mature image, and are suited to deep, dark colors and earth tones. It has a "calm", "gorgeous", and "chic" impression.

Silver accessories are perfect for people with blue-based skin.

Blue-based people with bluish skin and black hair look great with silver accessories.

There are two types of blue base: "Summer type" and "Winter type". Summer type people have an elegant and mature impression, and look good in pastel colors and pale vitamin colors. It is expressed by the words ``transparency'' and ``transience.''

Winter type people have a cool and unique impression and look good in vivid colors and bright colors. People get the impression that ``black hair looks good on her'' and ``she has a distinct look.''

How to tell the difference between yellow base and blue base

You can roughly tell whether your personal color is yellow-based or blue-based by the color of your skin, the color of your eyes and the whites of your eyes, the color of your lips, and the color of your blood vessels.

yellow base

Palm and skin color: Beige with a hint of yellow or orange

Eye/white eye color: Bright yellowish brown like coffee, yellowish ivory color

Lip color: yellowish pink like coral

Blood vessel color: greenish color


The natural hair and eye color are brighter. Light skin between yellow and white.


Her hair and eyes are a dark color. Calm skin color.

blue base

Palm and skin color: bluish pink to reddish-purple beige

Eye/white eye color: Brown with a reddish tinge like black tea, white of the eye is a light blue color

Lip color: Rose-like bluish pink to reddish-purple

Blood vessel color: bluish color


Bright hair and eyes. Clear and transparent skin.


Eyes of a different color with distinct whites and blacks. Skin with a dark pinkish tone.

From these criteria, you can infer to some extent which type you fall into.

Based on this judgment, you will be able to make detailed classifications into spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and you will be able to take advantage of your type as a reference for colors that suit you, makeup, etc.

Also, if you want to know exactly, it would be a good idea to have a professional judge it at a specialized salon.

4 recommended accessories for Eve

yellow base

Gold accessories look good on yellow-based people, but the colors and textures that suit spring types and autumn types are slightly different.

If you are a spring type, bright, sparkly colors and cute designs will suit you. Recommended materials are yellow gold and pink gold.

Cute ribbon motifs and heart motifs also look great.

Autumn type people tend to have a more mature look, so it is recommended that you go for a classic design with an antique look rather than something sparkly.

The matte texture matches the yellow gold material.


  • Compact-Oval-Pierce
  • Compact-Oval-Pierce

Compact Oval Pierce ¥2,420

Oval hoop earrings with open/close catchless design.
The catchless type gives a clean and sophisticated impression.
The small oval design goes well with any style and can be used in a variety of situations.

  • Melt Pearl Pierce
  • Melt Pearl Pierce

Melt Pearl Pierce ¥2,640

Melt pearl earrings with a unique melting shape.

The metal shape that melts from the top of a single pearl is avant-garde and feminine.

It has a strong presence and will add an accent to your styling.

  • Petal Chain Necklace Stainless
  • Petal Chain Necklace[Stainless]

Petal Chain Necklace[Stainless] ¥2,200

A petal chain necklace that is convenient for layering.

・A short choker type that makes your neck look neat.

- Simple design that is convenient for layering.

- An elegant and sophisticated atmosphere that can be used alone.

・As it is made of surgical stainless steel material, it is not only resistant to metal allergies, but also does not discolor or fade even if it comes in contact with moisture.

  • Chain Long Choker-personalcolor
  • Chain Long Choker

Chain Long Choker ¥2,860

A beautiful choker necklace with a neat Y-shaped form.
Each piece of the delicate chain has a surface that catches the light, making it subtly sparkle with every movement.


  • Volume Pierce

Volume Pierce ¥2,640

A form that gives you a feeling of gentleness and warmth.
These earrings are recommended for those who want a gentle atmosphere in their styling.

  • Nuance Chain Necklace
  • Nuance-Chain-Necklace-1

Nuance Chain Necklace ¥3,410

The delicate chain with a twisted nuance gives it a feminine impression.
The right amount of volume will decorate your neck beautifully.

  • Vintage Rectangle Bangle
  • Vintage-Rectangle-Bangle-2

Vintage Rectangle Bangle ¥3,190

A vintage rectangle bangle that gives you a sense of intelligence.

・An unbroken square shape that is beautiful from any direction.

- Matte texture with a soft and elegant impression.

- Recommended to wear over long sleeves.

  • Vintage Wide Band Ring
  • Vintage Wide Band Ring

Vintage Wide Band Ring ¥2,530

Classic wide band ring.

A timeless design with a universal form.

Vintage processing gives it a soft impression.

Easy to match with various styles and perfect for everyday use.

4 recommended accessories for brevet

blue base

Silver accessories look good on people with a blue base, but just like people with a yellow base, the designs and textures are slightly different for both summer and winter types.

For summer type people, we recommend a neat and elegant design.

Silver or white gold materials are perfect.

On the other hand, if you are a winter type person, silver or white gold materials are suitable for you, just like if you are a summer type person.

Simple and bright accessories bring out a cool impression.

Below we will introduce recommended accessories by type.


Mini Compact Oval Pierce ¥2,420

Good fit that can be used in a variety of situations.

Catchless hinge hoop earrings.
The plump shape fits your earlobes, giving it a discreet presence and a classy impression.

  • Hinged Oval Pierce
  • Hinged Oval Pierce

Hinged Oval Pierce ¥2,640

Elegant hinge oval earrings with vertical hoops.

- An item with a moderate presence of vertical hoops that give an intellectual impression.

- Catchless type that can be attached and detached with one touch.

  • Thin SnakeChain Necklace Silver925
  • Thin Snake Chain Necklace[Silver925]

Thin Snake Chain Necklace[Silver925] ¥3,960~

The beautiful shine using 925 silver material gives it a luxurious impression.
The orderly atmosphere makes it perfect for formal occasions such as work.

  • Thin Multi Sided Ring Silver925
  • Thin Multi Sided Ring[Silver925]

Thin Multi Sided Ring[Silver925] ¥2,750

A thin multi-sided ring with a multi-faceted cut that catches the light beautifully and gives off an elegant shine.


  • Metal Twist Hoop Pierce-personal color
  • Metal Twist Hoop Pierce

Metal Twist Hoop Pierce ¥1,980

Minimal twist hoop earrings that eliminate unnecessary design.

Although it is simple, we are particular about its size and luster to create an elegant and adult atmosphere.

  • Mantel Lariat Necklace Silver925
  • Mantel-Lariat-Necklace_Silver925

Mantel Lariat Necklace[Silver925] ¥7,700

A beautiful mantel lariat necklace made of 925 silver.

- A mantel motif pendant with a modern look.

- Elegant and slender chain.

- Beautiful shine of 925 silver.

・Can also be worn as a long necklace.

  • Rope Chain Bracelet
  • Rope Chain Bracelet

Rope Chain Bracelet ¥2,420

A chain bracelet twisted like a rope.

A bracelet using a twisted chain.

It can be worn casually or dressy, making it perfect for everyday wear.

  • Rectangle Signet Ring
  • Rectangle Signet Ring[Silver925]

Rectangle Signet Ring[Silver925] ¥4,950~

Rectangle signet ring.

A classic signet ring.
The slim rectangle gives your hands a neat impression.
The moderate volume makes it easy to match with your existing rings, making it perfect for everyday wear.


What did you think.

Choosing accessories will be even more fun if you know the colors and designs that suit you based on your personal colors. Find a design that brings out your charm and suits you.

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