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How far is it OK? Accessories that can be used in casual office situations such as job hunting, interviews, and the office.

April is the time when new life begins, such as entrance ceremonies and joining ceremonies.

We live in an era where online classes and work styles are becoming more diverse, and I think clothing and rules vary depending on the environment.

This time, we will introduce accessories that can be used for office casual wear as you prepare for your new life.

If you are working from home, this article introduces recommended accessories for working from home, so please refer to it if you like.

table of contents

  1. What is office casual?
  2. How to choose casual office clothes
  3. How to choose office casual accessories
    1. Earrings
    2. necklace
    3. bracelet
  4. [Men] How to choose office casual accessories
  5. Recommended accessories for office casual wear
  6. Recommended accessories for interviews
  7. summary

What is office casual?

office casual

Office casual does not have a clear definition, but it refers to attire that is a bit more casual than formal wear.

This refers to clothing that is simple, clean, and appropriate for the occasion.

In the case of a company, you can get an idea of ​​the atmosphere by looking at the company's rules, company culture, and people around you.

How to choose casual office clothes

Many people are confused about what kind of clothes and accessories to choose when meeting people from outside the company, such as at a new workplace or business partner.

Basically, it is often safe to choose something simple, with a calm design, and with calm colors, but it will vary depending on the type of job and rules, so you need to choose according to the TPO.

It's hard to make general statements because it varies depending on the company culture, but I'd like to introduce some common office casual attire.

The following items are the basics when choosing casual office attire.

  • Jacket
  • cardigan
  • shirt
  • blouse
  • skirt
  • pants
  • pumps

If you have the opportunity to meet with people outside the company, such as business partners, it is preferable to wear a jacket, and if your work is completed within the company, a cardigan may be fine.

We recommend pumps with a heel of 3 to 7 cm, but some companies don't allow flat shoes, while others allow sneakers, so it's a good idea to check first.

Also, when it comes to sneakers, we recommend choosing a color that looks elegant, such as white.

How to choose office casual accessories

  • Office casual accessories 01
  • office casual 02

[Items worn]

Mini Oval Earring

Thin Snake Chain Necklace[Silver925]

Twisted Bangle

When meeting with business partners or external parties, it is important to maintain an image of cleanliness and honesty.

Also, since it is a place where you work, it is a good idea to choose accessories that not only do not interfere with your work, but are also comfortable for you.

Let's take a closer look at accessories that go well with office casual wear.


The design should be simple with one point, and the size should be compact so that it does not stick out from the earlobe.

For a one-point design, we recommend using bare metal, stone motifs in muted colors, small diamonds or pearls, etc.

Also, gold-colored earrings give a neat look and go well with pretty outfits, but they make a bigger statement than silver earrings, so it's a good idea to choose a small and modest design.

Items with a swaying design are generally not acceptable, but items with short chains that don't create a swaying feeling may be OK.


Choose one with a thin and delicate chain.

Unlike formal occasions, gorgeous designs such as pearls and bijou are not suitable for office casual wear.

Even if it is a delicate item, it is best to avoid long necklaces as they can easily bump into things and interfere with your work.


Just like with necklaces, choose one with a thin and delicate chain so that it feels good on your skin and you don't have to worry about the weight.

If your company prohibits accessories, we recommend a watch that complies with the company's regulations.

The trick is to choose something that will help you concentrate on your work , such as something that won't get in the way while you work, and especially earrings that won't hurt your ears.


  • The basic design is one-pointed, simple, delicate and small.
  • Be conscious of images such as cleanliness and honesty.
  • Choose a design that will not interfere with your work without bumping into phones or objects.
  • Choose accessories that are comfortable for you and won't cause any pain.

[Men] How to choose office casual accessories

For men, a belt is an essential item when wearing a suit, but it is also recommended to incorporate suit accessories such as tie clips and cuff links.

Suit accessories give a glamorous impression at weddings and other occasions, but at work, prioritize business manners over glamor.

tie clip

An item that secures your tie and shirt, making them difficult to move.

For office casual wear, we recommend something with a simple design as it gives a neat look and goes well with any coordination.

cuff links

An accessory that fastens the cuffs of a shirt.

It can be used as an accent for both business and formal occasions to create a casual and stylish look.

Introducing novice accessories recommended for office casual wear.


  • Mini Hoop Pierce[Silver925]

From the left
Mini Hoop Pierce[Silver925] ¥3,630
Pearl Stud Pierce[Silver925] ¥2,420~


From the left
Petal Chain Necklace[Stainless] ¥2,200
Stone Circle Necklace[Silver925] ¥5,940~

Recommended accessories for interviews

You may be asked to wear office casual or plain clothes during the interview.

The presence or absence of accessories during interviews varies depending on the industry, but it is generally better to avoid them .

In workplaces where employees work in plain clothes or in industries where fashion is required, adding a sense of cleanliness and elegance with drop-type earrings, earrings, or a dainty necklace can make a good impression.

As a member of society, choosing clothes and accessories that match the TPO while being conscious of cleanliness and honesty will be one of the key points that will appeal to you.

Even in workplaces where your individuality is questioned, choose your attire without being too casual, keeping in mind that this is a workplace.

Do some research on the company and industry and dress appropriately for the interview.


It may seem difficult to dress casually in the workplace when it's your first time working or in a new setting, but clean and simple clothing and accessories are the basics.

At novice , you can see items for different occasions, such as formal anddelicate items, so choose items that allow you to be yourself while complying with company rules, and enjoy fashion while keeping your manners in check.

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