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It's sure to be Instagrammable! How to take and edit stylish photos of accessories

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“I want everyone to see it.”

"I want to brag"

That's what I think.

I want to take photos of my favorite accessories and upload them to SNS such as Instagram!

And you want to take Instagram-worthy photos.

However, when you actually point the camera at it, taking photos of accessories is surprisingly difficult.

It may not be possible to photograph the detailed decorations of accessories, and it is difficult to photograph the sparkling colors and transparency of jewelry.

This time, I want to upload images of my favorite accessories on Instagram! For those of you, here are some tips on how to take and edit Instagram-worthy accessories.

table of contents

  1. Decide on the background
  2. Take photos that take advantage of natural light
  3. Think about the composition and take pictures
  4. Tripod recommended. Be careful of camera shake.
  5. Perform exposure compensation
  6. Adjust colors and match color tones with white balance
  7. Sharpen the part you want to see with the aperture value
  8. Tips for stylish, Instagram-worthy processing
  9. summary

You can do it starting today! Tips for taking Instagram-worthy photos

The key to taking Instagram-worthy photos

・Devise the background
・Take photos using natural light
・Think about the composition when taking pictures
・Be careful not to shake the camera ・Adjust the brightness of the photo (exposure compensation)
・Adjust color (white balance) and match color tones

・Aperture setting (aperture value) to clearly capture the part you want to see


Let's look at each one one by one.

It's not difficult, so please try adjusting it.

No reflections! Decide on the background

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The background is an important aspect of accessory photography.

Especially when taking photos at home, it is important to be careful not to show any signs of daily life .

Please try to imagine.

What if you're taking a photo of accessories, but there's something that looks like everyday life in the background?

It will ruin the accessories and the atmosphere of the image.

For example, using accessories can also have an Instagram-worthy effect.

If you take a photo with houseplants, stylish wallpaper, or an accessory case, it will add a lot of style to your photo, making it an eye-catching photo for Instagram.

Take advantage of natural light

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If you want to take a clear picture of your subject, the key is to collect the amount of light .

By taking advantage of sunlight filtering through the trees and taking photos while being conscious of light and shadow, you are sure to get an eye-catching and impressive photo.

By letting in just the right amount of light, you can create a photo with a soft atmosphere.

Natural light changes its intensity and color depending on the time of day and the weather, so one of the attractions is that there are photos that can only be taken at that time.

Think about the composition and take pictures

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Just being conscious of the composition and placement will result in higher quality and more stylish photos.

Composition is a technique that makes it easier to convey what you want to show through a photo.

Three points recommended for beginners

・Place what you want to show in the center of the photo
・Try taking pictures from different angles

・Place the object you want to photograph diagonally and take the photograph.

I tend to take pictures from directly above.

I think taking photos from different angles from time to time will add a lot of contrast to your Instagram posts.

The trick is to take photos with depth in mind. This will give the photo a three-dimensional feel and give it a sophisticated look.

insert a part of the body such as a hand

If you only take photos of objects, the photos will be uninteresting.

Adding a hand or other object will add movement to the photo, making it more impressive.

The photo will look better if you have your nails done when you put your hands in it, or if the sleeves in the photo have some distinctive features.

Tripod recommended. Be careful of camera shake.

You also need to be careful about camera shake.

Photographs of accessories are often taken close up and are prone to camera shake, so ideally we recommend using a tripod.

If the camera shakes, the photos will not show off the charm of the accessories, making it difficult to look good on Instagram.

If you don't have a tripod, try turning on image stabilization or placing the camera on a shelf or other place and releasing the shutter.

Perform exposure compensation

In order to take Instagram-worthy photos, adjusting the brightness of the photo is also important.

When taking pictures of accessories, they may appear darker than they actually are.

In such cases, adjust the exposure to brighten the image.

Digital cameras and smartphone cameras often have an exposure compensation function, so open the settings and increase the exposure to make adjustments.

As you increase the value to +, the image becomes brighter, so adjust it little by little.

Adjust colors and match color tones with white balance

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Let's also adjust the color tone with white balance.

When you take a photo of an accessory, it's common to find yourself saying, ``Huh? The color is different...'' or ``It looks kind of plain.''

In such cases, adjusting the color tone with white balance to bring the colors closer to the real thing will result in a beautiful photo that looks great on Instagram.

If you can clearly express the color of the base metal and the color of the jewelry, you will be able to take photos that are sure to look great on Instagram.

Another point is that you can instantly make your photos look more fashionable by simply matching the color tones in the photos.

If you don't use too many different colors in your photos and try to keep the color tones down, such as white, black, or gray, you can instantly make your photos look more sophisticated.

Clearly show the part you want to focus on

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Finally, don't forget to manually adjust the focus according to the subject or image .

When it comes to accessories, there is a point that you want to show off.

The trick to Instagram is to clearly show off the points you want to emphasize, such as the flowing curve of the chain or the beauty of the jewelry.

The quality of the photo depends on the focus position, so it is recommended that you manually adjust the focus according to the subject and image of the photo.

By adjusting the focus manually, you can clearly capture the part you want to show, or you can take a photo with a blurred background.

Tips for stylish Instagram-worthy processing


be conscious of a sense of unity

For example, the first thing you see on Instagram is what kind of posts that person is posting.

In order for people to think that your posts are sensible, it is important to create a sense of unity .

By standardizing the processing of posted images, you can create a cohesive and stylish image.

We recommend using a photo editing app to create a uniform look.

Text processing

The process of adding text directly to a photo is called text processing .

By adding text to your photos, you can express your individuality and originality .

Another key point of text processing is that it makes the photo more noticeable than other photos.

Use an app with a lot of processing features

If you want to focus on the tilt and fine adjustments of product photos taken with your smartphone, we recommend a photo editing app.

There are free and paid photo editing apps, but it's a good idea to try them out first and find one that suits your image or that you find easy to use.

An app that allows you to use high-quality filters


“VSCO” is an app that is mainly used on smartphones.

With this filter app, you can make your photos even more beautiful, and you can turn ordinary photos into stylish ones.

An app with multifunctional image processing


“Picsart ” is characterized by its rich functionality.

It has a variety of functions, from basic processing such as text insertion and filters, to cutting out people and adding frames.

It's also important to use different apps depending on the subject you want to photograph, such as people or food.

It might be a good idea to find something that suits your image or to easily create nice photos using an editing app that you find easy to use.


What did you think.

I want to take photos of my proud accessories and upload them to Instagram! I want to take Instagram-worthy photos! We introduced the key points for shooting and processing for such situations.

Let's take a beautiful photo of your favorite accessories and aim for an Instagram photo.

None of the points are difficult, so please give it a try.

At novice , we have a wide variety of accessories that are reasonably priced and have elegant designs that are available for less than 2,000 yen .

If you are still not sure what color or design suits you, we recommend that you try out some reasonably priced Novice accessories first to get a clear idea of ​​the color and design that suits you before you suddenly buy expensive accessories.

Please choose your accessories from here .

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