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Stylish layering of gold and silver. Enjoy fashion by knowing the balance and tips for layering accessories

When it comes to accessories, there are two basic colors: gold or silver.

Some people may be confused about which color to choose when shopping, or may find themselves always wearing the same color.

Rather than giving up because "only gold or silver looks good on me...", by knowing the tips on how to match them, you can try incorporating both gold and silver, try different colors than usual, and make your accessories more beautiful. I would be happy if I could help you enjoy it.

table of contents

  1. Impression given by color
    1. gold impression
    2. silver impression
  2. [Gold x Silver] 3 tips to enjoy mixed use
    1. Decide on the main color and item
    2. leave the place where you wear it
    3. Easy to take in at hand
  3. 3 rings recommended for stacking gold and silver
  4. Choose a color according to your mood

Impression given by color

First, let's check the impression each color gives.

Gold and silver have different impressions on people.

Why not learn about the impression each color gives and choose a color that matches the image you want?

gold impression

Gold has impressions such as ``gorgeous'', ``gorgeous'', ``elegant'', and ``feminine''.

Depending on the design and layering, it can give a flashy look, so the trick is to choose delicate items.
  • deformednarrowrings5set
  • simplechainnecklace2set

Even if you wear two or three necklaces, you can create a balanced look by matching necklaces of different lengths based on the length around your collarbone.

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silver impression

Silver has the impression of being ``cool,'' ``sophisticated,'' ``masculine,'' and ``intellectual.''

It may be a good idea to incorporate it into men's-like or fashionable clothing, or when you want to look intelligent at work.

It's a good idea to know the impression of each color and wear a unified color that matches the image, outfit, and occasion you want to show.
You can also create a more mature impression by using a mix instead of trying to unify your look.

[Gold x Silver] 3 tips to enjoy mixed use

By using a mix of gold and silver, you can further expand your fashion range and share tips on how to enjoy it.

[Recommended for beginners] Mixed color items

First, for beginners, we will introduce mixed color items.

We recommend items that are mixed colors from the beginning because they are easy to try.

Gold or silver goes well with other items, so it's useful to have one.

Layering gold and silver will make each color stand out and look even more fashionable.

  • wavestackring2set
  • mix chain bracelet

Next, let's look at three tips.

① Decide on the main color and item

First, decide on the main color and item.

If you wear both gold and silver in the same volume, they will stand out too much and give a mismatched look.

Once you have decided on the main color and item, choose sub-items that are delicate to give it a sharp look.

② Separate the place where you wear it

Balance is important when layering mixed colors.

We recommend that you wear it away from your neck and hands, or between your ears and hands to create a balanced look.

The necklace is gold, the bracelet is silver.The earrings are gold, and the bracelet is silver.

Even if the necklace and earrings are placed close together, choosing a delicate item will make it easier to wear even if the colors are different, so item selection is also an important point.

③Easy to incorporate at hand

Stacking rings may seem difficult at first glance, but rings that can be completed on the finger are actually easy accessories to enjoy mixing.

Once you get the hang of it, you can easily enjoy being fashionable!

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  • Decide on one color as the main color and add more of the other color to balance the look.
  • Leave space between your fingers and be aware of the margins between your fingers.
  • Group them with a matte texture or choose items with similar shapes.
  • It is recommended to wear a ring with a strong presence on the middle finger because it will balance the ring no matter what ring you wear.

So far , we have introduced tips for enjoying mixed use and rings as an accessory that makes it easy to try mixed use.

Therefore, we would like to introduce three rings that can be purchased from novice and are recommended for stacking.

  • Volume Hug Ring
  • Volume Hug Ring

Volume Hug Ring ¥2,310

This item has a simple motif that wraps around your fingers, making it a great item to layer.

  • Nuance Double Finger Ring
  • Nuance Double Finger Ring

Nuance Double Finger Ring ¥2,640

The layered design and mixed colors are also recommended for beginners.

  • Oval Chain Ring
  • Oval Chain Ring

Oval Chain Ring ¥2,420

The modern design has a loose feel, so it won't become too heavy even when layered.

Since it is a ring with a strong presence, it is recommended to wear it on the middle finger where it can be easily balanced.

Choose a color according to your mood

I think it's better to wear the colors you want to wear according to your mood without sticking too much to a conventional style, and you'll feel better and be more satisfied.

Novice offers a variety of products.

You can view all products here , so please find the item you like.

Please use the "Category" button to select the type of accessory you are looking for, and the "Tag" button to select the desired atmosphere.

Learn how to wear them, increase your options, and enjoy fashion freely.

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