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How to choose accessories based on skeletal diagnosis to find the one that suits you from natural, wave, and straight

In recent years, ``skeletal diagnosis'' has become more common on the Internet and SNS.

Do you know your skeletal type ?

Skeletal diagnosis allows you to find clothes that suit you by knowing your own bone structure, but it can also be applied to choosing accessories.

This time, we'll give you some tips to make choosing accessories even more fun.

Why not start with some new, easy-to-use accessories for spring?

Even if you add it to your usual clothes or the clothes you will wear again in spring, you will notice a noticeable change and it will definitely change your mood.

What is skeletal diagnosis?

Skeletal diagnosis

Skeletal diagnosis allows you to learn about a wide range of things, from the texture and line characteristics of your body to the designs and materials that make your body look the best, accessories, bags and other accessories, and hair and makeup.

The results of the diagnosis are classified into three types : ``straight,'' ``wavy,'' and ``natural .''

First, check your skeleton

You can have it checked by a professional, but you can also do a self-check.
Let's take a look at the characteristics of each of the three types to see which type you fit into.

Mr. Straight

Thick and well-defined body

Straight type
  • Easy to gain muscle
  • Thick overall
  • The clavicle is not very visible
  • The waist is high and the hips are round and thick.
  • The elasticity of the skin is firm
  • The knees are small and unnoticeable
  • The neck is short and doesn't have much of a waist.
  • Thighs are firm and straight and thin from the knees down.

Keyword: Simple/Basic/Plain or striped/Just the right size/Cool/Basic

Mr. Wave

Slender curvy body

wave type
  • Bones are small and overall delicate and thin
  • The neck is long and thin
  • Lower back position (overall balance is lower center of gravity)
  • The clavicle is thin and prominent
  • knees are out
  • hips are small and thin
  • soft skin texture
  • Difficulty gaining muscle

Keyword: Soft/Elegant/Detailed pattern/Soft fabric/Fit size/Mini length/Delicate/Elegant/Feminine

Mr. Natural

Stylish body with solid bones and joints

natural type

  • Strong shoulders
  • The neck and collarbone are clearly visible
  • It is difficult to gain muscle and fat, and the skeleton is strong
  • The bee on my head is tense
  • flat and high waist position
  • Long limbs regardless of height
  • Many people have dry skin

Keyword: Rough/Casual/Large pattern/Oversized/Casual/Volume/Natural

Introducing recommended accessories by type

Which type do you fit into?

We will introduce recommended accessories for each type, items you should be careful about when choosing, and the reasons why.


Mr. Straight

For straight women with a thick upper body and a well-defined body type, we recommend shiny, high-quality, and simple jewelry.
Rather than a curved design that feels soft, try choosing something that has a straight line, a size that is neither too big nor too small, a type that does not sway, and a length that is neither too long nor too short.
Sparkling motifs such as jewels also go well together.

[Recommended items]
  • Earrings that don't swing around your ears (dangling motifs keep their shape without swinging)
  • A bangle that is neither too delicate nor too thick
  • V-shaped necklace
  • simple and standard ring
  • compactovalpierce
  • plainbangle
  • chainlongchoker

[Items to be careful about]

  • Matte texture
  • Short choker type necklace (because the eye is directed upwards)
  • Accessories that are too delicate (because they lose the three-dimensional effect and firmness of the skin)

Mr. Wave

Wave is characterized by its soft texture and center of gravity in the lower body, so delicate and elegant accessories are perfect for her.

It's a good idea to choose items that are delicate and small, ``something with a little shine,'' ``swaying design,'' ``curved motifs,'' and ``things that draw the eye upward .''

The key is to choose items that will make your delicate body look three-dimensional .

[Recommended items]
  • Short necklace that reaches around the collarbone
  • Earrings, ear cuffs with delicate dangling designs
  • thin and delicate bracelet
  • thin and delicate ring
  • Stacking delicate rings
  • Designs such as circles and spheres
  • mix chain necklace
  • chaincrossearcuff
  • thinropering5set

[Items to be careful about]

  • Matte texture
  • Accessories that are too big (because the delicate body loses to the volume)
  • Long necklace (because the line of sight is downward)

Mr. Natural

Natural women with solid bones look good in large, voluminous designs. It's a good idea to choose items that have a strong presence and don't lose to your frame.

Taking advantage of her dry skin type, the keywords are ``not-so-shiny type,'' `` large and unique design,'' and ``heavy feel.''

[Recommended items]

  • Large and heavy swinging type earrings
  • thick bangle
  • Necklaces with bold volumes and designs
  • long necklace
  • twistedlargehooppierce
  • metal widebangle
  • 5lining

[Items to be careful about]

  • Glossy texture (may not match with slightly matte skin type)
  • Items that are too delicate, short necklaces (because the natural body's strong frame stands out)

Enjoy fashion


How was it?

By also incorporating a personal color diagnosis , you should be able to choose accessories that best suit you.

Please use this as a reference when shopping online and enjoy your shopping.

In addition, novice offers a wide variety of reasonably priced yet elegantly designed accessories that are available for less than 2,000 yen .

I hope this will help you find accessories that suit you and enjoy even more fashion.

(PS) Body piercing is also an option

When looking for earrings that match your body structure, consider body piercings as an option to expand your fashion options.
``Body Piercing Rin'' has a wide selection of body piercings, so be sure to check them out.
Also, there are many articles written in detail about body piercing in web magazines, so please refer to them as well.

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