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Choose the accessories that suit you based on your hairstyle and face type


The beginning of the day.

Choosing accessories tends to get put off because you tend to get distracted by the clothes you're going to wear that day or your makeup.

In fact, piercings and earrings are close to the face, so they are one of the important items that greatly affect the impression of the face .

Depending on the earrings and earrings you choose , they can make your face look smaller , or they can give you a sophisticated or sophisticated look .

I think you can enjoy it just by knowing a little bit about how to choose effective accessories such as earrings and earrings.

This time, we will introduce accessories that suit different hairstyles and face shapes .

【table of contents】

  1. Recommended earrings and earring shapes for each hairstyle
    1. short hair
    2. medium hair
    3. long hair
  2. Make your face look smaller with earrings that suit your face shape
    1. round face type
    2. Long face type
    3. Square face, base face type
  3. summary

Recommended earrings and earring shapes for each hairstyle

Accessories look different depending on the length of your hair and the hairstyle of the day.

Hairstyle and piercings play an important role in determining the impression of your face.

We will recommend earrings for different hair lengths and hairstyles!

short hair

  • Safety Pin Pierce
  • Volume Ring & Oval Nuance Pierce

It is said that short hair that shows off the lines of your face is the hairstyle that makes earrings stand out the most.

You can wear any design of earrings without looking out of place, but this hairstyle makes it easy to try out large, well-designed earrings or colored earrings .

Simple hoop earrings are also recommended when you want to make your permed or uniquely colored hair stand out.

Even small earrings can be made to look casual if you wear your hair short and over your ears.

Also, just like hairstyle, balance with hair color is also important . Earrings that match your hair color will enhance the look of your face.

For example, bright brown colors go better with gold colors than silver colors, and no matter what hairstyle you have, it is important to choose earrings that match your hair color .

bob medium hair

  • Double-Pearl-Hoop-Pierce
  • Chain Cross Ear Cuff

Bob medium hair is characterized by a wide range of length and silhouette .

If you have a medium-length bob with a silhouette that spreads horizontally, earrings that are conscious of vertical lines will look well-balanced and create a clean impression.

Also, if your hair has volume, your earrings will tend to be hidden due to movement, so we recommend earrings with a swinging motif.

Choosing earrings with a design that stands out will improve balance and create cohesion.

long hair

  • Volume Drop Hoop Pierce
  • Drop Pearl Pierce[Silver925]

The type of earrings you wear will vary depending on whether you wear your hair up or down.

For updos, we recommend a drop style or swaying style, just like short hair.

In addition, long hair can be arranged freely, such as straight, loosely curled, or in a gorgeous updo.

If you wear your hair down, we recommend something with a vertical, swaying design, or something with a one-point motif that sparkles.

Choosing a design with a motif at the bottom of the chain, or one made of natural stone or polygonal cut shiny materials will give an elegant and mature impression .

Make your face look smaller with earrings that suit your face shape

I picked up earrings that I thought would look good on me, but when I actually tried them on, for some reason they didn't fit...

Have you ever had an experience like this?

The cause may be the compatibility between your face shape and accessories.

Simply choosing earrings that balance well with your facial structure will give your entire look a cohesive look.

Let's do a self-diagnosis

First, let's find out which type your face fits into.

You can take a photo of your face with a camera and measure it objectively, or you can measure it with a tape measure while looking in the mirror.

Round face type

  • Stick Chain Pierce
  • Baroque Pearl Hoop Pierce[Silver925]

For round face types, the length and width of the face are approximately the same , giving the face a cute impression .

If you have a round face, we recommend wearing accessories with vertical lines in mind to make your face look slimmer and sharper.

Both drop types and swaying types look good on you, and swaying types with the center of gravity at the bottom will give a vertical impression and create a neat atmosphere.

For those with long faces

  • Volume Pierce
  • Crescent Moon Studs Pierce

The long-faced type is characterized by the vertical width of the face (from between the eyebrows to the tip of the chin) being longer than the width, and the distance from the hairline to the eyebrows to the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin is approximately the same .

Some people tend to have a cool and mature image, so we recommend accentuating the area around your face with a rounded or voluminous design.

If you choose accessories that are designed to fit around your face rather than swinging accessories, you can draw the eye upwards and create a balanced look.

Square face, base face type

  • Drop Hoop Pierce
  • Twisted Large Hoop Pierce

Those with square or base face types have sharp features that give them a cool impression .

To create a gentle image, we recommend voluminous drop-shaped earrings.

Also, choosing one with a large motif or rounded design will give you a clean look.

Ear cuffs are also a recommended item as they allow you to draw your eyes above your ears, so you might want to try them out.


How was it?

This time, we focused on your hairstyle and face shape , and introduced how to find accessories that suit you.

Choosing accessories that suit you will make your fashion more fun, and you'll receive more compliments from those around you!

In addition, by incorporating a personal color diagnosis , you should be able to choose accessories that best suit you.

When shopping online, please have fun while imagining whether the item is suitable for you.

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