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A must-see for ear cuff beginners. How to wear ear cuffs and what is the appeal?

Ear cuffs have become popular in recent years. One of the appeals of ear cuffs is that they can be stacked with earrings and earrings, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of fashionable styles.

We will introduce ear cuffs of various sizes and how to wear them, including their charms and tips on how to wear them.

table of contents

  1. What is ear cuff?
  2. The charm of ear cuffs
  3. Types of ear cuffs and tips on how to wear them
    1. ring type
    2. clip type
    3. hook type
    4. chain type
    5. Ear cuff that fits over the ear
  4. Examples of stylish layering of ear cuffs
    1. A sense of unity by matching colors and textures
    2. Simple ear cuff combination
    3. mix textures
    4. Delicate earrings and ear cuffs
  5. summary

What is ear cuff?

Mini Pendulum Ear Cuff

Ear cuffs have been attracting attention in recent years as an accessory that allows you to easily enjoy fashion without having to pierce your ears like earrings. Unlike earrings, they can be attached to areas other than the earlobe .

In this article, you won't know how to wear ear cuffs, are ear cuffs fashionable? For those who have such questions, we will introduce the appeal of ear cuffs.

The charm of ear cuffs

Ear cuffs do not require holes in your ears, so they are easier to use. Unlike earrings, there is no tightness when pinching the ear with a spring or screw, so it is less likely to cause pain compared to earrings .

Another appeal of ear cuffs is that they come in a variety of sizes and can be worn in a variety of fashionable styles .

You can enjoy a variety of coordination by wearing it on one ear or layering it with earrings or earrings.

Types of ear cuffs and tips on how to wear them

Ear cuffs come in multiple shapes and sizes.

Also, depending on the shape, you will need tips on how to wear them, so we will introduce the main types of ear cuffs and points to consider when wearing them.

ring type ear cuff

  • Chunky-Hoop-Ear-Cuff
  • Chunky Hoop Ear Cuff

The ring type is a standard among ear cuffs. Among the ear cuffs, this type is particularly recommended as it does not cause ear pain. You can wear it anywhere you like, such as the ear cartilage or earlobe.

[How to wear]

1. Pull your ear and place the ear cuff on the thinned part.

2. Slide and adjust to the desired position

3. Make sure the ear cuff stays in the hollow of your ear.

4. Once installed, try pulling it off gently

clip type ear cuff

  • Ear-Clip
  • Ear-Clip2

Clip-type ear cuffs that can be quickly put on by snapping them onto your earlobes like earrings. They are firmly fixed to your ears, making them difficult to fall off.

Recommended for those who are worried about the earphones falling off if they are simply hung on the ear like ring or hook types.

hook type ear cuff

  • Hoop-Ear-Cuff
  • Hoop-Ear-Cuff2

Hook-shaped ear cuffs are the easiest to remove and are said to be the least likely to cause ear pain. Many are designed to cover the entire base of the ear, so it's important to pay attention to the weight and material when choosing.

Many of them have a large design, and they make a big impact even if you wear them on only one ear. It is also fashionable to wear it on only one ear to create an asymmetrical look.

[How to wear]

1. Pull your ear and place the ear cuff on the thinned part.

2. Slide and adjust to the position below the ear *Make sure the ear cuff stops in the hollow of the ear.

3. Once installed, try to see if you can pull it off gently.

chain type ear cuff

  • Chain Cross Ear Cuff
  • Chain Cross Ear Cuff

The chain type ear cuff is a ring-shaped ear cuff with a chain attached.

Many of them have unique designs , and just wearing one can make quite an impact. Although it has a stylish design, it is easy to wear as it is the same way as the ring type.
It is a good idea to adjust the position on your ear depending on the length of the chain.

Ear cuff that fits over the ear

  • Helix Ear Cuff
  • Helix Ear Cuff

Deformed ear cuff with a unique design .

The design is sure to make you stand out from the others. They are the type that you wear over your ears , so they don't hurt your ears.

It makes a statement on its own, but layering it with earrings will make it even more fashionable.

[How to wear]

1.Pull the top of your ear with one hand and put on the ear cuff with the other hand.

2. Insert the ear cuff to the base of the ear

3. Check that it is firmly attached

Stylish layering example of ear cuffs

We will introduce how to stack ear cuffs together and coordinate with earrings. Please refer to the coordination of the ear cuffs and enjoy layering them to make yourself feel better.

Match the color and texture with the earrings for a unified look

  • Mini Pendulum Ear Cuff & Volume Pierce
  • Mini Pendulum Ear Cuff & Volume Pierce

Coordinating the texture of the earrings and ear cuffs. By matching the textures, you can create a sense of unity and create a sophisticated atmosphere .
It is also recommended to start layering with standard combinations of colors and textures.

Simple ear cuff combination

Mini Drop Hang Ear Cuff & Open Hoop Ear Cuff

Coordination with layered ear cuffs with a simple design. Each design is simple, but stacking them together increases the design and creates a mature atmosphere . It's good to combine items of the same color, but you can add style by combining items of different colors.

mix colors and textures

  • Double Hoop Ear Cuff & Volume Pierce
  • Ear Cuff

A layered coordination that dares to mix textures. You will feel more mature and relaxed .
Depending on the combination, you can match it with various coordinations.

Delicate earrings and ear cuff combination

  • Small Bubble Ear Cuff & Thin Hoop Pierce (1.0cm) [Silver925]
  • Ear Cuff

Coordinate with dainty earrings and slightly large ear cuffs. You can bring out your femininity by making either earrings or ear cuffs delicate .


What did you think.

Ear cuffs do not require ear holes to be pierced, making them an item that anyone can easily enjoy fashionably . There are a variety of designs and sizes, so it's fun to choose.

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I don't know how to wear ear cuffs, what do you think about this combination? If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us .

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