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What kind of bracelet can be used by both men and women? What do you recommend to wear as a pair?

Among accessories, bracelets and bangles are the easiest to wear for both men and women.

Bracelets and bangles are both accessories worn on the wrist, but there are some differences.

First, I will introduce the difference.

table of contents

  1. Let's learn about the difference between bracelets and bangles!
  2. What is a bracelet?
  3. What is a bangle?
  4. How to wear bangles and what are the key points when choosing them?
  5. Why are wrist accessories so popular?
  6. 4 recommended bracelets
  7. 4 recommended bangles
  8. summary

Let's learn about the difference between bracelets and bangles!

We will introduce the differences between bracelets and bangles, which have the same thing in that they are worn on the wrist.

Let's learn about the characteristics of each and how to use them in good combinations.

What is a bracelet?

Wave Oval Chain Bracelet

Bracelets are flexible, come in a variety of materials and designs, are made to fit around your wrist, and are easy to put on and take off.

They come in different shapes and designs, and may include materials such as chains, beads, and leather.

What is a bangle?

Metal Volume Bangle

A bangle is generally circular in shape, without a clasp, and is worn through the wrist.

They are generally made of hard materials and do not change shape.

It is often used in casual situations as well as formal occasions and special events.

How to wear bangles and what are the points when choosing one?


Thickness is important when choosing a bangle.

The thicker the item, the more presence it has, and even if it is the same design or made of the same material, different thicknesses will give a different impression.

It is best to imagine the occasion you want to wear it and the fashion you want to match it with when choosing.



Bangles include metal and wooden bangles, bangles decorated with beads and gemstones, and bangles with carvings. There are various types.

Also, the look and presence of the item will change depending on the material, and the weight will also change depending on the material, which will affect the comfort of wearing it, so it is important to choose one that suits your lifestyle.


There are two main types of bangles: "C-shaped" and "O-shaped".

What is a C-shaped bangle?

Twisted Bangle

As the shape of the letter suggests, the "C-type" is characterized by a gap in a part of the circle and the ability to put on and take off from the wrist.

In addition, the gap gives a loose look, so you can wear it with a light impression.

To wear it, place the cut of the bangle on the side of the thinnest part of your wrist and slowly slide it down your wrist.

Then, rotate the bangle until you want it to appear in front of you, and move it to your desired position and you're done.

What is an O-shaped bangle?


The "O" type has a complete loop, and it is generally put on and taken off by passing it through the back of the hand.

To wear it, hold your hand with your fingers extended and your thumb and little finger inside, then move the bangle to the desired position.

If you are blood type O, you need to choose a size that can fit over the back of your hand, rather than matching it to your wrist size.

There are two main types of bangles: C-shaped and O-shaped.

It may be a good idea to find your favorite design among them and choose it.

Why are wrist accessories so popular?

Bracelets and bangles are chosen to suit a variety of styles and purposes, and we'll explain why they're so popular.

Decorate it as a fashion item

Bracelets and bangles serve as wonderful accessories to adorn your wrist.

Choosing different materials, designs, and colors can be a way to express your fashion style and personality.

From casual attire to formal occasions

Suitable for a variety of occasions, from casual daily wear to formal events.

By using different materials and designs, they can be used in a wide range of situations.

Popular as a gift

Bracelets are also popular as gifts, and with their unique designs and meanings, they make wonderful gifts that convey a sense of specialness and consideration to the recipient.

More than just an accessory, they can add deep meaning to your individual style and life.

Is it possible to stack bracelets and bangles?

You can create a unique style by layering multiple bangles at the same time.

You can also create a more unique look by combining different designs and materials.

Bangles are not only used to decorate your hands, but are also widely used to express your individuality.

Layering with a clock


By wearing the bracelet and watch together, you can have balance on hand.

By choosing a bracelet that matches the color and material of your watch's strap and dial, you can create a more unified look.

Layering dainty bracelets and bangles will balance your look and add style.

wear over clothes

Wearing it over the sleeve of your clothes gives it a mature look and allows you to show off your bracelets and bangles in a more fashionable way.

Tops made of thin materials such as see-through fabrics will make it easier to slip your arms through, making them easier to match.

You might also try pairing it with tops made of patterned fabrics.


Another fashionable way to stack bangles is to stack them on your wrist.

You can create your own style by stacking multiple bangles of the same design or alternating bangles with different designs.

You can also layer bangles of the same material to create a unified look, or wear metal bangles together for a stylish look.

By unifying the design and materials of the bangles , it becomes easier to coordinate your outfits.


This is a way to create a layered effect by combining multiple bracelets.

By combining bracelets of different designs and materials, you can create a more unique style.

Unify the theme

You can have fun choosing bracelets and bangles to match the season or special event.

For example, in summer, choosing colorful and light bracelets can add a bright vibe to your outfit.

Use these ways to wear bracelets and bangles as a reference to find a way to wear bracelets and bangles that suits your style and preferences.

4 recommended bracelets

  • Nuance MantelChain Bracelet
  • Nuance MantelChain Bracelet

Nuance Mantel Chain Bracelet

A bracelet characterized by a nuanced mantel.

Gold has a soft color and blends easily into the skin.

Silver, on the other hand, has a crisp color that will accent your outfit.

  • Nuance Chain Bracelet
  • Nuance Chain Bracelet

Nuance Chain Bracelet

A bracelet featuring a distorted chain.

It is an item that gives off just the right amount of presence and will decorate your hands gorgeously.

  • Plate Chain Bracelet[Stainless]
  • Plate Chain Bracelet[Stainless]

Plate Chain Bracelet[Stainless]

This is a bracelet with a design recommended for men.

The plate part expresses style and strength.

  • Baroque Pearl & Narrow Chain Bracelet
  • Baroque Pearl & Narrow Chain Bracelet

Baroque Pearl & Narrow Chain Bracelet

With a design that combines pearls and chains, this bracelet will look both casual and beautiful, and will brighten up your wrist.

4 recommended bangles

  • Metal Bangle
  • Metal Bangle

Metal Bangle

This bangle is just the right thickness and has a strong presence, making it easy to put on and take off.

  • Vintage Rectangle Bangle
  • Vintage Rectangle Bangle

Vintage Rectangle Bangle

It features an irregularly shaped design with antique processing, and is an item that can also be worn by men.

  • Plain Bangle
  • Plain Bangle

Plain Bangle

It has a simple design that can be used for any occasion, and is perfect for layering with other bracelets.

  • Undulating Ring Bangle
  • Undulating Ring Bangle

Undulating Ring Bangle

It features a rounded design with a hint of nuance, creating a soft atmosphere.

This bangle is relatively large in size and can be worn over clothes.


What did you think.

There are many different types of accessories, and you can enjoy them in many different ways depending on where you wear them.

Each bangle and bracelet has its own characteristics, and the way they look will change depending on that.

Also, bracelets and bangles are often thought of as something to be worn during the summer or other seasons where you can show off your arms, but wearing them over your sleeves will instantly make you look more fashionable and classy, ​​so give it a try.

It might be fun to explore your favorite combinations and ways to wear them.

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