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⦅2022⦆Accessories coordination using fall/winter trends

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Do you know the trending colors for this fall/winter? Also, have you ever been aware of trends?

Pale green, smoky pink, pale blue, beige brown, and orange are trending colors this fall and winter.

From autumn to winter, there are fewer opportunities to show off your skin. We will show you how to coordinate with accessories that add glamor to your face, such as necklaces, earrings, and ear cuffs.

We hope you enjoy styling your new fall/winter clothes with accessories.

Green items for fall/winter fashion

Green, which has been attracting attention as a trending color since last season, continues to be popular this year as well. Surprisingly, it's easy to match with any color, and just by wearing it, you'll get this year's look.

Green is recommended for those who want to incorporate colored items this fall and winter. It is easier to incorporate muted shades of green than pale tones of green.

The jacket is a glen check that has become very popular in recent years.

Pair it with classic items to create an elegant impression perfect for adult women. We also recommend pairing it with denim or chino pants for a casual look.

In the fall and winter, there are fewer opportunities to show off your skin, so ear cuffs and necklaces are recommended to brighten up your face and ears.

Novice has a wide selection of ear cuffs that can be worn like earrings and ear cuffs that can be layered with earrings.

ear cuff

Ear Cuff: Hang Ear Cuff ¥1,980
Double Hoop Ear Cuff ¥2,420

Necklace: Baroque Pearl Necklace ¥4,950

Patterns and printed items are also on trend this year.


This year's trend is printed items with patterns printed on the fabric.

One of the points about printed items is that they have unique designs that cannot be found in embroidery or dyed items, and you can enjoy dynamic patterns.

Monochrome patterns give a different impression when matched with colored clothes.

Take your look to the next level by layering it with delicate earrings and ear cuffs.

We also have stackable set rings, and you can create a mature look by choosing one that matches the atmosphere of your earrings and ear cuffs.


Ear Cuff: Bubble Ear Cuff ¥1,980

Earrings: Simple Hoop Earrings ¥2,200

Ring: Deformed Narrow Rings 5 ​​set ¥2,420

Big color items that are becoming standard

big color

This item has an eye-catching design with a large collar.

You can often see clothes that are paired with big colors as an accent to innerwear, or have sailor uniform-like designs.

Why not try out big colored items that are easy to incorporate as fashionable items?

Ear cuffs come in handy when earrings alone are not enough.

Not only can you use a similar color combination of gold and gold, but you can also create a stylish atmosphere with a mixed color combination of silver and gold.

In addition, the delicate rings can be worn on multiple fingers, and even stacked on one finger, it doesn't feel heavy and gives a mature look.

ear cuff

Ear Cuff: Disc Hoop Ear Cuff ¥1,760

Earrings: Simple Hoop Earrings ¥2,200

What did you think.

If you have never been aware of trends, it might be a good idea to be a little more conscious and try things that you can incorporate.

If you can't wear earrings, you can easily wear ear cuffs, so why not try ear cuffs in addition to earrings?

Thinking about accessories as part of your outfit along with your clothes and having fun with various combinations will definitely make you look more fashionable.

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