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What is the care method for each type of accessory? Is it better to use cloth for plated accessories?

Accessories can get dirty when worn.

With proper care habits, you can keep your favorite accessories looking their best.

Take care of your favorite items daily and use them for a long time.

Once you get into the habit of taking care of your hair, it should become a fun time.

In this article, we will introduce how to care for your accessories to keep them beautiful for a long time.

Please take care of your favorite accessories.

table of contents

  1. What is the importance of caring for accessories?
    1. What is the appropriate care method for each type of accessory?
    2. How to care for plated accessories
    3. How to care for 925 silver accessories
    4. How to care for surgical stainless steel accessories
  2. Caring for jewelry accessories
  3. Carefully handle delicate pearls
  4. How to store accessories?
  5. summary

What is the importance of caring for accessories?


To maintain the shine and beauty of accessories

One of the charms of accessories is their shine and beauty.

However, dirt, sebum, and cosmetics can dull the shine.

Accessories can become scratched or discolored due to daily use and external factors, but with regular and proper care, you can maintain their shine and beauty.

There is also the risk of delicately designed accessories getting caught on clothes or stoles, or of getting your ring hit when applying makeup.

Hand creams and hair sprays can also stain your accessories.

When going out, we recommend finishing your makeup and hair arrangement first, then putting on your accessories last.

Let's think about health considerations

Accessories often come into direct contact with the skin, so cleanliness is important.

Unclean accessories can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Take care of your health by regularly cleaning and maintaining your accessories to keep them clean.

What is the appropriate care method for each type of accessory?


How to care for plated accessories

1. Wipe with a soft cloth

It is important to wipe plated accessories gently with a soft cloth, as the plating can easily peel off, so care must be taken when handling them.

Wipe the accessory with a dry cloth to remove fingerprints and dirt.

2.Protect from water and moisture

Plated accessories may be sensitive to water and moisture, so it is important to keep them away from moisture and water when storing them.

Store it in a sealed jewelry box or pouch in a dry place.

3. Stay away from chemicals

It is important to keep plated accessories away from chemicals as they can cause the plating to peel off or discolor.

Just like makeup and styling products, water and detergents should also be avoided, so be sure to remove accessories when cooking or doing laundry.

Of course, the same goes for showering and bathing.

4. Refrain from polishing

Plated accessories have a thin plating layer on the surface and may come off during polishing, so avoid polishing them excessively.

Strong friction or a hard brush may damage the plating layer of plated accessories, so if you need to polish it, just wipe it gently with a soft cloth.

The plating layer on plated accessories can wear out over time, so check its condition regularly.

How to care for 925 silver accessories


Have you ever had your silver accessories turn black?

Silver, in particular, is a metal that darkens with use.

Let's take care of silver accessories so that they can be used for a long time while paying attention to the important points.

1. Frequent cleaning

925 silver accessories are susceptible to oxidation, so regular cleaning is important.

After daily use or if the dirt is noticeable, gently wipe it with a soft cloth to remove the dirt.

2. Use a special silver polishing cloth

We recommend using a special silver polishing cloth to restore the shine of 925 silver.

When polishing, brush lightly to avoid damaging the surface of the accessory.

Also, be sure to polish in the direction that matches the design of the accessory.

Silver polishing cleaner is useful to have on hand as it will easily remove dirt and restore the original shine.

However, if the base metal is plated, you should not use cleaners for polishing silver, so please be careful about the material.

3. Use silver polish

You can also use a commercially available silver polish to remove stubborn tarnish or dullness from 925 silver.

Take an appropriate amount of silver polish and polish the accessory with a soft cloth.

However, be careful as polishes contain strong chemical ingredients.

Please read the included instructions carefully and follow the instructions before using.

It is also important to rinse thoroughly and wipe off moisture after use.

4.Protect from water and moisture

Silver 925 accessories are susceptible to oxidation, so it is important to keep them away from water and moisture.

After use, wipe it with a dry cloth and let it dry completely.

When storing it, it is important to store it in a sealed jewelry box or pouch in a dry place.

surgical stainless steel accessories


Wash with warm water and mild detergent and wipe with a soft cloth.

Stainless steel is a relatively durable material, but it can get scratched, so you need to be careful.

1. Wash with warm water and neutral detergent

Surgical stainless steel accessories are durable and resistant to water and detergents.

Wash using warm water and a mild detergent, then scrub gently with a soft cloth or toothbrush.

After washing, rinse thoroughly and wipe dry.

2. Dry

Dry it quickly after washing.

Surgical stainless steel is a rust-resistant material, but if left damp, water stains may remain on the surface.

Wipe gently with a soft cloth to remove moisture and allow to dry completely.

3. Use soapy water

If your surgical stainless steel accessories become dirty with stubborn dirt or oil, you can also use soapy water.

Dissolve mild liquid soap in warm water and gently wash using a soft cloth or toothbrush.

After washing, rinse thoroughly and wipe dry.

Caring for jewelry accessories


When cleaning jewelry accessories such as diamonds and sapphires, we recommend using a special cleaner.

Just wash it gently with a special cleaner, rinse with water, and wipe it off with a cloth.

However, gemstones with low Mohs hardness such as auinite, benitoite, tanzanite, and rhodochrosite that are easily damaged, as well as coral, amber, tortoiseshell, and opal should only be wiped with a soft cloth instead of being washed with water.

After daily use, it is important to store your jewelry in a soft cloth or bag to prevent chafing and scratches.

We recommend wrapping and storing your jewelry individually to prevent them from hitting each other.

Also, as with accessories made of other materials, it is important to avoid direct contact with chemicals by avoiding the use of perfume, hairspray, cosmetics, etc. before wearing jewelry accessories.

Carefully handle delicate pearls

Pearl necklace

Pearl accessories are very delicate and come in handy at ceremonial occasions.

Gently wipe away sweat and dirt from the pearls with a soft, dry cloth.

The key is to wipe it off frequently.

Please wipe the dirt gently and avoid overlapping or bumping into other accessories when storing.

Also, avoid places with high humidity or direct sunlight.

How to store accessories?


Accessories tend to get dirty.

It is not a good idea to leave your skin with oil, makeup, creams, styling products, etc. on it.

After removing your accessories, first wipe them gently with a soft cloth.

Store accessories separately

Even if it looks clean at first glance, there may be invisible dirt on it, so make it a habit to wipe it gently before storing it in an accessory case.

Some parts such as chains and earrings are highly likely to oxidize or darken due to getting tangled or coming into contact with air.

The trick to keeping your accessories as separate as possible is to keep them in good condition and wear them for a long time.

The key is to store them neatly in an accessory box or one by one in a zippered bag to protect them from air and moisture.

If you have an accessory box, make sure to make full use of it and store it carefully.

Also, storing them separately will prevent them from getting tangled or damaged.

Store it in a bag or case.

Take special care of your accessories too! jewelry cleaner


For everyday care, it is best to wipe it with a soft cloth after use and store it.

However, it is recommended that you give your accessories some special care from time to time.

If you are not going to use your jewelry for a while during the off-season, or if it is very dirty, please clean it with a jewelry cleaner.

The basics of how to use a jewelry cleaner is to first choose a jewelry cleaner that is suitable for the material, apply the accessory to the cleaner, then wash it with water and wipe it off.

Easy accessory care that you can do at home.


If you take good care of your accessories, they will stay with you forever without losing their shine.

There are cases where you need to be careful when cleaning the item depending on the material, but as a general rule, ``be careful not to get it dirty'' and ``wipe it with a soft cloth after removing it.''

Daily care is important, so be sure to handle and store your accessories with care in order to keep them in good condition for a long time.

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