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You will be different from those around you! 5 stylish accessories perfect for people in their 30s

When you're in your 30s, do you ever find yourself worrying about an accessory you're interested in, but wondering, "Isn't it out of place for my age?" or "Is this too flashy for someone in their 30s?"

Basically, there is no need to worry about age, and you can just wear whatever items you like, but from a social perspective, some people may still want to maintain an appearance that is appropriate for their age.

This time, we will introduce the points that people in their 30s should keep in mind when choosing accessories, as well as 5 recommended accessories that are perfect for people in their 30s.

table of contents

  1. Points to keep in mind when choosing accessories for people in their 30s
    1. choose something simple
    2. match the coordination
    3. Pay attention to size
    4. Be particular about the material
    5. Don't be swayed by trends
  2. 5 accessories recommended for people in their 30s
    1. earrings
    2. earrings
    3. ring
    4. necklace
    5. bracelet
  3. summary

Points to keep in mind when choosing accessories for people in their 30s

1. Choose something simple


If you're in your 30s, choose accessories and brands with simple and elegant designs instead of flashy accessories.

Accessories with a simple design tend to give a sophisticated impression and create a mature look.

2. Match your outfit


Use accessories as accents to your outfit.

Especially in their 30s, there are many people who hold a certain position in their companies.

Even if it's a jacket style, rings and earrings with lots of decorations and clutter are a no-no.

It is important to choose items that are easy to use as accents to your outfit, rather than making the accessories the centerpiece.

3. Pay attention to size


The size of accessories is also important.

If it's too big, it will give the impression of being excessive, and if it's too small, its presence will be diminished.

When choosing a large item, choose one that is as dainty as possible, and when choosing a small item, choose one with a good design.

It is also important to choose a size that suits your body shape and face size.

4. Focus on materials


The material also affects the impression of the accessory.

Stainless steel and silver 925 are the most popular materials for accessories, but each one has a different shine, and the color of the gold or silver color may also vary slightly.

We recommend those with antique-style designs, as they give an elegant impression without sparkling.

Also, especially for people with metal allergies, it is important to choose accessories and brands that are made with carefully selected materials.

5. Don't be swayed by trends


It's good to choose accessories according to trends, but avoid being completely influenced by trends.

Of course you can match it to your taste, but if you're in your 30s, we recommend accessories brands that are simple and can be worn in business settings.

Pay attention to these points and choose accessories that suit you.

Novice's brand concept is ``simple and stylish accessories with an elegant atmosphere,'' and many of their accessories have sophisticated and simple designs.

Among them, we will introduce five carefully selected accessories that we recommend for people in their 30s.

1. Metal Twist Hoop Pierce

  • Metal Twist Hoop Pierce
  • Metal Twist Hoop Pierce

Twisted hoop earrings are minimal and match both business and casual styles.

Although it is simple, the size and luster make it a perfect match for men and women in their 30s.

Hoop-shaped earrings are often seen in other brands, but the twisted earrings are the brand's specialty.

These are recommended earrings that reflect light differently depending on the angle.

2. Mini Oval Earrings

  • Mini-Oval-Earring
  • Mini-Oval-Earring

Despite its volume, its small and chubby shape gives it a soft and elegant impression.

These earrings are clip type and feature a clean design that looks like earrings.

This item is also recommended for those who cannot wear earrings.

3. Deformed Narrow Rings 5 ​​set(Ring)

  • Deformed Narrow Rings 5 ​​sets
  • Deformed Narrow Rings 5 ​​sets

A set of 5 rings that can create an elegant mood.

The slim and delicate design is perfect for mature women in their 30s.

The simple and timeless design makes it easy to match with any location or coordination, making it useful in a wide range of situations.

4. Thin Snake Chain Necklace[Silver925](Necklace)

  • Thin Snake Chain Necklace
  • Thin Snake Chain Necklace

A minimalist necklace with an ultra-fine chain that is perfect for everyday use.

It features a delicate and delicate thin snake chain that matches women in their 30s, and the beautiful shine of 925 silver material creates a luxurious feel.

The orderly look is perfect for formal occasions.

The size is not too overpowering, making it easy to match with any style, and you can use it all year round.

5. Narrow Chain Bracelet

  • Narrow Chain Bracelet
  • Narrow Chain Bracelet

This chain bracelet gives a feminine impression by using a thin chain.

It's easy to combine with other accessories, and you're sure to become a stylish expert.

One of its charms is that it is simple, easy to use, and easy to match with any style.

It can be used not only for everyday use, but also for a variety of occasions such as the office, weddings, parties, etc.

We also recommend it because it gives an elegant impression and tightens up your outfit, highlighting your femininity.


When it comes to accessories in your 30s, choose accessories that are relatively small and have simple designs.

Among them, novice items are all items that are easy for adult women to wear.

Please choose the one that suits you and enjoy the stylish look that only a person in their 30s can have.

At novice , we have a wide variety of accessories that are reasonably priced and have elegant designs that are available for less than 2,000 yen .

If you are still not sure what color or design suits you, we recommend that you try out some reasonably priced Novice accessories first to get a clear idea of ​​the color and design that suits you before you suddenly buy expensive accessories.

Please choose your accessories from here .

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